10 Times You Realized You And Your BFF Literally Have No Boundaries

Photo: wehreartit
You And Your Friend Had No Boundaries

10 situations you've probably been in with your best friend for LIFE where you've said, "Awwww, f*ck it," to social norms.

1. When you gave her the mint chewing gum that had only been in your mouth for, like, 15 seconds because she needed to approach a dude and she didn't want to smell like gin and tonics.


2. When you shared beds  not because there weren't plenty of beds (there were) but because you preferred a warm body next to you when you woke up. Thank God for friends.


3. She's seen your boobs. Like, more times than you can count.


4. You checked her bare ass very carefully when she was CONVINCED she had a tick bite. It was actually mosquito bite and now you'll never be able to unsee that.


5. You've shared bathing suits ... and underwear. You're fairly confident both were clean.

6. Speaking of bathing suits, she's honest enough to tell you privately when you need to get a bikini wax because GIRL, we have a situation down there and we can all see it.


7. She knows your menstrual cycle. Hell, her boyfriend knows your menstrual cycle.


8. You've peed while she's applied mascara. You see absolutely no problem with this.


9. You've pooped while she's applied mascara. You see absolutely no problem with this.


10. She's cleaned puke from the floor (YUP, your puke) and she wash-clothed the leftover vom on your cheek that was still there in the morning. (GO THANK HER RIGHT NOW.)


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