6 Brutal Truths About Having Sex With A Libra (As Told By One)

Get steamy with the scales.

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We Libras are known to be pretty tame, reasonable people. But that doesn't mean we don't like a good romp on the regular. We love sex just as much as the next zodiac sign; we may just approach it differently than others.

Just as there are certain personality traits that stick with us scales in relationships, there are a few key things that are good to know about us when it comes to the bedroom. Here are six undeniable truths about bedding a Libra.


1. We're pretty much willing to try anything. 

It has to do with a few of our personality traits, namely the fact that we have trouble saying "no" and we're peacemakers who want everyone to be happy. Plus, we like to take on new challenges, and what better challenge is there than a brand new sex position?

If you want to try something new, chances are we'll be cool with it. But don't you dare take advantage of us by being too aggressive or rough. Just because we're peacemakers doesn't mean we're pushovers, and if we don't like something we'll be sure you know it.

2. We like it in the morning.

While we're not against night sex, we tend to feel more refreshed in the morning (or afternoon), after a good eight hours of beauty sleep and recharging. If you try to make a move as we're falling asleep at night, our energy level might be low. But try us during daylight and we'll be much more enthusiastic.


3. We need a mental connection.

As air signs, Libras place great importance on mental and emotional connections with everyone in our lives, and that extends to the bedroom. As far as we're concerned, sex is so much better if there's mental chemistry in addition to the physical.

And there are ways to display that: intense eye contact, soft kisses on the lips, positions that keep our bodies close together. And mental stimulation beforehand can get us going almost as much as foreplay does.

4 We're going to analyze sex after the fact.

It's just part of that desire to connect with people. After we have sex, we're going to really reflect on it. Was the connection there? Did I communicate my own pleasure and desires well? Was there anything during sex that signified we don't mesh? Physical chemistry is super-important, so we have to really analyze the f*ck session to make sure it was there, right?


5. We're into give and take.

Libras are represented by the scales: we're fair, balanced, and want our relationships to be as equal as possible. Which means, as much as we like to be on the receiving end in bed, we're also willing to give — just maybe not more than we get. After all, that wouldn't be very balanced, now would it?

6. We can never have too much passion.

This is the culmination of all our sexual traits. The things we love — from challenging ourselves as a couple to being mentally and emotionally stimulated — go hand in hand with passion. If sex lacks passion, then it's barely even worth it to us. Figure out what it'll take to keep the electricity pulsing between us, and we'll melt in your arms.