10 Things Only Strong (But Very Sensitive) Women Understand

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Strong-But-Very-Sensitive Women Understand

So, here's the deal. Even though we're confident on the outside, women can be really sensitive, too, because our tough-as-nails exterior masks the inner turmoil we feel if we lose control of the situation.

If we're being totally honest, being a strong-but-secretly-sensitive woman is occasionally exhausting. (Awesome, of course, but exhausting.) And if you're like us, these are just the few of the #internalstruggles you'll face everyday.

1. We will slay you with our tongue (seriously, our comebacks have blades) but we'll feel f*cking awful about it a few days later. Unless you really deserved it.


2. We can dish it out but it's really hard for us to take it. #theeternalstruggle


3. We act like we do not give a F*CK. (Spoiler alert: We give a lot of f*cks.)

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4. We're usually the life of the party. We're also usually the ones crying in the corner at 2 AM because in our inebriated state, we interpreted an off-hand comment the wrong way.


5. We've extremely competent (in relationships, at work, at life) but we take criticism so freaking personally. Even constructive criticism.


6. That being said, we'll never let you know that we took it personally. Because, duh, we're strong.


7. We'll keep it together in public but privately, when nobody's looking, we'll have the sob to end all sobs to get it allllll out of our system.


8. We like ourselves, but we also like validation (from bosses, from men, from the Internet) but we'll try to get it in an innocent, non-obvious way so it doesn't come across as desperate.

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9. The highs are high and the lows are low. When we're strong, we're HELLA-strong. But when we're sensitive, we're really freaking sensitive. Even touchy.

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10. We feel a lot of things but the good news: We can handle it. And we've come to love both of our strong and sensitive sides equally. Because they make us who we are.


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