The Real, Scientific Reason Women Find The "Dadbod" Totally Sexy

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The REAL Reason Women Find The "Dadbod" Totally Sexy

Recently, the phrase "Dadbod" has been coined to label the un-toned physique of a man. With movies like Magic Mike coming out, it definitely deviates from the ideal Hollywood likes to put out.

According to Match's Singles in America survey, pictures of men showing off their body on Instagram turn-off 45 percent of women. And 34 percent of women aren't into guys who post pictures of them in the gym.

So why do women find Dadbod so sexy?

"What women are really looking for is personality, and they just don't need a perfect body to go with it," explains Dr. Helen Fisher, Match Chief Scientific Advisor and biological anthropologist to YourTango.

"Women are looking for a companion and a partner who is going to help them raise their children — not Atlas. In short, they no longer need someone who can hit that buffalo in the head with a rock; they need an educated, humorous, and dedicated partner."

And good news for guys with more to love in the middle section: you guys get noticed more!

"Brain scanning studies now show that when a woman first sees a man, her brain tries to detect two things about him: 'Is this person physically attractive to me?' and 'What kind of personality does he have?' Women seek a partner who is smart, funny, educated ... and dedicated to her. In fact, I have never heard a woman say that bulging muscles was a top priority for love, nope — never," Dr. Fisher continues.

So, if you find yourself more attracted to Dadbod than six packs, you're not crazy! Many women are also on board.