10 Brutal Truths About Being In Love With A Homebody

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 Being In LOVE With A Homebody

Over the years, homebodies have gotten a really bad rep. In every single Hollywood movie, the shy, introverted girl has the absolute worst luck in the relationship department; nine times out of ten, she has a pretty intense love affair with her couch before her friends convince her to get off of her ass and go after Prince Charming.

Sorry to burst your bubble but that right there is total bullsh*t.

Despite what those rom-coms say, being a homebody doesn't automatically mean that you're lazy, a loner or undateable. There's so much more to introverted Netflix-lovers than that.

Dating a homebody is the most exciting thing you'll ever do. Trust us. It may not seem like it on paper but there are major perks to falling in love with the woman who's happy kicking it at home.

1. Sure, there are moments when we'll want to be left alone. But we know how important spending time together is, especially if said "time" involves Seamless and like, way too much Trader Joe's wine. #buyinbulk

2. You cook? We'll greet you at the door in lingerie. That's a promise.

3. You'll never have to blow your load (ahemat a totally boring, cliché restaurant — especially when you're just paying big bucks for a terrible "Yelp" review and an overpriced Uber ride home. Seriously, $38 to drive a mile?!

4. Our idea of a great date means binge-watching New Girl and House of Cards for HOURS AND HOURS. It also means getting cozy under the covers.


5. Undies are pretty much our standard uniform, so it's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

6. You can hang out with your bros all you want. That just means more Netflix serial killer documentaries for us. See you back home in a few hours, babe. 

Annoying Grambles

7. Any time = sexy time.

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8. We're low-maintenance and ridiculously easy to please. (Unless our Wifi goes out, then all bets are off, boo.)

9. You don't have to hit up bar after bar to have a good time. Pass out in style at home, where the bedroom is approximately 20 steps from the couch.


10. Most importantly, we're the chillest people you'll ever meet.