Find Out What Your Name Would Be If You Were Born Today

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Baby Names: Find Out What Your Name Would Be If You Were Born Today

Social Security frequently releases the most popular baby names for girls and popular names for boys.

It goes to show that names come in and out of fashion. And chances are, your parents would have picked a different name if you were born today.

Did you know that if you were born in 1983, you would have been probably named Michael as a boy, whereas, in 2018, you would have most likely been named Liam? So, as times change, the most popular baby names change as well.

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But have you ever wondered what your new name would be? Thankfully, there is a helpful calculator for that.

TIME reported that there is a calculator that takes into account name trends over the years using Social Security's records. You can put in your name, the year you were born, and your sex.

In 2019, the most popular baby names were beginning to be influenced by Asian and African names, gemstones, hues of colors, and names that ended with -son. The most popular initial was F and the most used vowel was U. And, interestingly, Em- names went out of style after being so popular for a quarter of a decade!

The calculator considers how popular your name was at that time, and then finds what the equivalent is today.

Growing up, I couldn’t go anywhere without finding another Nicole, as it was a fairly popular name in 1991. In fact, it was the 15th most popular girls name that year.

So, what would a Nicole be named if she were born today? According to the calculator, the answer is:

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If she would have been born in 1950, Nicole would have been Kathleen.

In 1970, Nicole would have been Mary.

In 2000, she would have been named Grace.

Nicole would have been Evelyn in 2015 and Sofia in 2017.

In 2018, TIME updated their calculator, and today, Nicole would be:

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So, as times change, it's proven time and again that baby name trends change as well, and the calculator has to change with it. The calculator is now even taking into account how there is a greater use of some popular girl names being used in place of male baby names.

The ability to use names as both a girl or a boy's name is showing how society is becoming more gender fluid. Because names shouldn't be gendered anyway, right? And because everything is constantly changing in our society, it shows how quickly trends change year in and year out.

What an interesting calculator! Now, excuse us as we waste time looking at all our friends and family members' names just for the heck of it. 

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in May 2015 and was updated with the latest information.

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