26 Biblical Girl Names Perfect For Your Baby

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26 Biblical Girl Names Perfect For Your Baby

Struggling to find a name for your unborn daughter?

One of the most important roles you will ever have in life is being a parent and you want to name your baby something meaningful.

Naming your baby is one of the many firsts you'll take in guiding your child's life.

What biblical girl name can you give your baby?

There are lots of sweet baby names to consider, and some of them have strong Biblical meaning.

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Becoming a parent especially for the first time can be the scariest and exciting feeling in life.

Having the excitement of watching and feeling your bundle of joy grows over nine to ten months can be heart-warming.

What to expect when you are expecting can bring a variety of emotions and overwhelming thoughts.

The most fun aspect of preparing to bring a baby into this world is thinking, researching, and learning about baby names.

This is one of the most important steps in the process of becoming a parent because the name of your child will be with them forever unless they hate it so much that they change it when they get older.

I do not have any children but when all of my family and friends find out they are expecting, my favorite question to ask them is “what are you going to name it if it is a girl or if it is a boy?

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Having a newborn or infant can be a struggle but when you look back on your creation and the name you have given your baby can make you realize that all of the struggles of parenthood are all worth it.

What happens when we think back to the sonogram and the sex of the baby clearly appears to be a girl?

How do we think of the names that we give our little girls? One way I know that will help you choose a name for your baby girl is to think of a name that comes from the heart and comes from love.

Baby girls are known as princesses and angels that lift our spirits up and they are certainly a gift from God.

They say little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.

They grow up to be their mother's best friends and to their dads, they will always be their little girl.

Parents around the world love their children regardless of it is a boy or girl but the parents of little girls look forward to raising a woman who will eventually grow up to make changes within our society that women have to face day-to-day.

Although we are supposed to be "alone together" during this recent pandemic that has us stuck inside our homes.

Many couples will be cuddled up at home more than usual and we know that it may lead to a new bundle of joy nine months from now.

Creating coronials (corona-millennials) will be an exciting story to tell your baby girl when you welcome them to the world.

According to, there have been "increased condom sales in the United States".

If everyone is stocking up on condoms there might not leave room for others and this could lead to a baby boom.

If you do decide to engage in any sexual activity try to incorporate safe sex and to stay safe at home during this quarantine.

Here are 26 biblical girl names from A-Z plus their meanings:

1. Ariel

A biblical name, known as the messenger of Ezra and used as a symbolic name for the city of Jerusalem. It means "lion of God".

2. Bernice

Bernice means the bringer of victory. This rare name is a biblical name of Greek origin which is known as a sister of King Agrippa.

3. Candace

This name is an ancient title of a dynasty of Ethiopian queens mentioned in the New Testament. Candace means pure and innocent.

4. Damaris

An Athenian woman converted to Christianity by St. Paul. Damaris means gentle.

5. Eve

The oldest name in the Bible meaning simplicity, purity and strength.

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6. Faith

Faith means complete trust in God and an unquestioning belief.

7. Gabriella

Gabriella means God is my strength.

8. Hannah

This name means that God is gracious and merciful.

9. Izri

This unique name means fasting and tribulation.

10. Joanna

Joanna means grace or gift of the Lord.

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11. Kamon

This name means his resurrection in the Bible.

12. Lily

The name Lily means an elegant flower, purity, and beauty.

13. Michal

This very different girl's name means who is perfect and who resembles God.

14. Naomi

Naomi is from the book of Ruth 1:2 which means beautiful and agreeable.

15. Oprah

This famous name means to lead, dust and a fawn.

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16. Paula

Paula means small or little.

17. Quianna

Quianna means gracious.

18. Rachel

In the book of Genesis, this name means sheep.

19. Selah

Selah means the end or a pause.

20. Talitha

In the book of Mark, this name means little girl or young woman.

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21. Ulla

In the bible this name Ulla means will.

22. Victoria

We all know that this name means victory.

23. Wendie

Wendie means friend.

24. Xami

Xami means one who is full of wisdom.

25. Yasmeen

Yasmeen means jasmine flower.

26. Zakia

Zakia means bright and pure.

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