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Sexy, New App Finds Hotel Deals For Your Spontaneous One-Night Stand

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woman in hotel room

Every day seems like another step closer toward technology bringing us "instant sex." Before, when you wanted to hookup with someone, you had to put in the work by dipping into the cruel dating pool, meeting someone, convincing them you're worthy ... and then finding a place.

Thanks to this dating app, a lot of that is getting streamlined through your phone.

Hookup app, Mixxxer is for adults who are looking for a fun time. You cannot only find someone new to hookup with, but you can also find a place to do the deed, thanks to their partnership with The Standard hotel, and its new app "One Night Standard."

"Hotels like The Standard are wisely getting hip to the public's private proclivities and taking full advantage of them with one-night deals at cost-effective pricing," says Mixxxer founder Michael Manes in their press release. "This opens the door for discreet folks to feel more comfortable about where they meet up, and this helps Mixxxer's business in regards to privacy and safety."

This is probably a good idea. You don't want a stranger you met off of a phone app to come back to your house, do you?

If you're not into The Standard hotel, there's still hope for you and your sexy time. Manes says Mixxxer is opening more partnerships with other hotels so people can book rooms for some quick fun. And sexy time!

“With this kind of intelligent approach to society's relaxed attitude about hookups, it can only be good for Mixxxer," he says.

Well, we can all agree with him on one thing: this attitude is definitely relaxed!