The Most Popular Occupation In Your State Is...

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Tina Fey

PLUS: The #1 occupation in all of America.

When we talk about jobs in America, we tend to discuss the number of them and how many are outsourced. However, we hardly talk about what the workforce looks like today and what the most common jobs are.

Since factories in America are almost completely erased, what are people turning to? You might guess customer service jobs, but you'd be completely wrong!

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According to NPR's Planet Money, it looks like being a trucker driver is the most common job in the country, being the most common job in 29 states. This is partially because this kind of job can't be outsourced and is very much a necessity in our globalized world.

Other occupations aren't as lucky — like farming. Thanks to new technology, a number of farmers in this country are dwindling, and secretarial jobs have also decreased thanks to computers.

Things have definitely changed!