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Love What You Do? What Guys Really Think Of… Your Job

Love What You Do? What Guys Really Think Of … Your Job

You choose your career path because of what inspires, delights and challenges you. It's what you're most passionate about or, at the very least, what you're most passionate about at this very moment. And your career choices say a lot about you; people base their opinion off of you by the profession you're in… including guys.

Does tenure as a kindergarten teacher make you sweet and cuddly in the eyes of your man? Or do lawyers really turn them on? Will your secretarial position at an ad agency have your guy seeing stars in the supply closet after hours? Surprisingly, we found that guys are paying more attention to your career choices than we'd ever thought.

What do guys really think of teachers?
Jamel, 27, says that when he thinks of teachers, he thinks of his mom, but not in the way you’d expect. "My mom has been a kindergarten teacher my whole life — and I have so much respect for her. I know how physically and emotionally demanding that position can be. After bad and good days, she'd come home and still find time to hang out, laugh and provide for my three brothers and me. So dating a girl that's a teacher would be a huge bonus for me."

Ivan, 31, says that in his mind, he's picturing Veronica Vaughn, from Billy Madison. "Obviously I'd date a teacher," he says with a laugh. "Aside from that, I think they're great role models. They're obviously good with kids, which is important if you're looking to eventually make that life step."

Rob, 25, agrees. "I have a few friends that are teachers and the way they talk, love and think about their students 24/7 can be pretty training. Once you're a teacher, it's not something that you can turn off. You don't leave the office and suddenly you're back to you again. You're always teaching."

Thomas, 33, who's conveniently a teacher, says that he'd definitely be interested in dating someone involved in his line of work — especially knowing the struggles that teachers face today. "You want to be with someone who understands where you're coming from and who can relate to your struggles. A lot is happening in the teaching world right now and it sucks. It's really great to be with someone in this field that understands. Just date someone in a different district, though, so it's not awkward if you break up!"

What do guys really think of nurses?
"My mom and all of her friends are nurses," says Ryan, 28. "It's what me and my sisters grew up around — and it's something that I really admire. Whenever there's a problem, or if someone is sick, they're all there at a moment's notice. They understand the demands of the job are never over and when they hit close to home, they're supportive and unrelenting. It'd be amazing to marry someone like that, who's a walking medical dictionary and still comforting and kind."

Wes, 31, adds that, "Nurses carry the burden of being the caregivers in the hospital. They're not like doctors, who operate and then they're nonexistent. I had to have a major operation in my 20s and it was the nurses who saved me, definitely. Not only physically, but emotionally. They kept me happy and thinking positively. That said, I could just imagine how draining the job can be. I'd be hard to watch someone you love dealing with sick and dying people every day."

"Remember in the 30s and 40s when every man wanted to marry a nurse? They were like salvation from the wars; a bright light that kept you seeing straight. There's something special about that."

What do guys really think of writers and authors?
Evan, 26, only gave one warning: "You better be ready for an independent thinking and a free-as-hell spirit. Writers are awesome, creative and smart as hell, but they're tough. They always want more."

Adam, 29, agrees. "My girlfriend is a writer. It works because I'm a graphic designer, but it’s hard for us sometimes. She's so in her own box – so bogged down and deep in thought by characters and story lines and plots – sometimes it can be hard to reach her. I love her, obviously, but I think she’d agree with me that it's a challenge."

"Say what you want," Gavin, 33, says, "but writers make incredible lovers. They're so passionate."

What do guys really think of lawyers?
Joe, 29, says that one big turn off when it comes to lawyers is that you'll rarely see them. "My girlfriend in college was studying to be a lawyer and that job is literally nonstop. You don’t sleep, you don't eat, you really don't even breathe until your case is over and you’ve either one or lost. It's hard to be Number 2 to someone else's career."

Nathan, 26, adds that dating a lawyer doesn’t seem easy. "How would I ever win an argument?!"

What do guys really think of secretaries?
Living in a post-Mad Men era, it was interesting to see that guys had such different views when it came to women working in secretarial roles. Though they all smirked when I asked, like there was some general joke they all knew that I wasn't in on, their responses were honest and candid, which is surprising for a society that snubs the profession so low on the totem pole.

Freddie, 24, says that he has a few friends that are in secretary roles scattered around different places in New York City. "They're just trying to get a foot in the door," he adds. "They're working at the companies they want, just without the careers they wanted. I think they're just starting out."

Steve, 34, says that a few of his best friends in the 'burbs have wives that are secretaries. "In a city like New York, you just kind of think that a secretary is the beginning of a career, but out there, it's not. The hours are great; the job is a lot of managing and paperwork. They like it — so good for them."