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What Your Job REALLY Says About Your Love Life

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The majority of my friends are writers. We’re all very similar in the way we conduct our lives. Even if we cover different topics in our work, we have some pretty basic things in common. For starters, none of us are really big "team players" and value our being alone, which is probably the reason why we became writers in the first place.

We're all very much in our head a lot of the time and have an annoying habit of making obscure literary references that only we and our fellow creative writing majors understand. We're the best! Or the worst, depending on what your career happens to be.

As with any profession, writers share lots of similar qualities and the same goes for our sex and love lives. Although we're romantics, we tend to think casual is the way to go until that perfect person, they one who will eventually be the inspiration for the hero in our next novel, shows up. Then, at that point, we're in it to win it.

It shouldn't be surprising that people in specific careers feel similarly when it comes to sex and relationships, because certain professions attract certain personality types.

Clover, the mobile dating app that not only lets you see who’s nearby but lets you filter them from casual to serious, and down to even more important things like height, analyzed the data of their users to see what people in certain occupations are looking for when it comes to relationships.

Like, did you know that teachers, PR reps, scientists, and cops are looking for something casual? Or that engineers are into hookups, while lawyers are more likely to just want to be friendships? How about the fact that those looking for love tend to be accountants (no surprise there), programmers, and pharmacists?

No? Well now you do. But it doesn't stop there.

Check out the inforgraphic to see where other professions fall. Does the inforgraphic describe your relationship intention to a T, or do you disagree?

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