10 Fun Things You Don't Know About Amy Schumer (But Should)

Photo: Jax Media
Amy Schumer from Inside Amy Schumer

Get to know comedy's feminist face.

If you’re a fan of comedy, then you’ve heard of Amy Schumer. She’s easily one of the most famous comedians working today, creating not only popular standup specials like Mostly Sex Stuff and an award winning TV show with Inside Amy Schumer, she also just released a new hit film, Trainwreck.

Since everyone’s going to be talking about her and she *might* be the next Bachelorette (say yes, Amy!) you might as well get to know her. If you really want to impress people with your Amy Schumer knowledge (and who wouldn’t?), here are a couple of things you probably didn’t know about her!

1. Yes, Amy Schumer is, in fact, related to Chuck Schumer.

If you don't know your politics, Chuck Schumer is the senior United States Senator from New York. He also used to employ Anthony Weiner, the guy famous for sending out pictures of his Anthony Weiner. It seems like maybe there’s something about this family that attracts dick jokes.

Amy has used the political connection to take a stand on gun control following a tragic shooting at a Louisiana theater's showing of Trainwreck. She and her cousin will be fighting for a 3-part legislative reform that will limit gun access to the mentally ill and violent criminals.

2. She was once arrested for shoplifting.

It’s a good thing that Schumer is related to a senator, because she was once caught shoplifting. At least, that’s what she admits to. Maybe she killed a guy and used her political ties to make it look like just shoplifting. You never know with these political dynasties.

3. Schumer was a theater major.

Since you can’t major in comedy (not yet, at least), Schumer studied theater while attending Towson University. This makes her a rarity, as she’s one of the few people to go to college and get a job in a related field.

4. She once hosted a show with Mark Hoppus of Blink-182.

Mark Hoppus used to have a TV show on Fuse. The show, A Different Spin With Mark Hoppus, only ran for about 20 episodes. Schumer was the co-host for 13 of those episodes. While the show didn’t last, it was her first steady TV gig.

5. Amy Schumer's father went bankrupt when she was 9.

Originally coming from a wealthy family, Schumer’s father was a small business owner. Things didn’t work out, and he eventually filed for bankruptcy when Amy was only 9. She got to experience both ends of the spectrum: growing up rich and poor.

6. Amy Schumer dated Anthony Jeselnik and Dolph Ziggler.

Schumer has dated fellow comedian (and host of Last Comic Standing) Anthony Jeselnik several times. She also hooked up with professional wrestler Dolph Ziggler for a bit, but said publicly that sex with Ziggler was too intense and athletic for her. If you want more details on the relationships, just check out her standup. You can probably guess which jokes are about which person.

7. She seriously offended Steve-O.

One of her most famous Roast appearances was at the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen. Steve-O was also in attendance, and Schumer made a joke about his deceased Jackass co-star and friend Ryan Dunn. When Schumer delivered the punchline, the camera cut to Steve-O, who looked like he was about to turn into Hulk-O. He responded by calling her a "no name slut" and she responded by having a much more successful career than he ever did.

8. Amy Schumer hired her sister to write for her show. 

Schumer first hired her sister Kim to be her assistant, then upped her to a writing position for season two of Inside Amy Schumer, where she's been ever since.

9. Surprise! One of the most prolific writers for Inside Amy Schumer is a guy. 

Kurt Metzger, a proponent of both women's rights and comedians' rights to tell whatever jokes they want as long as they're funny, came up with sketches like Girl, You Don't Need Makeup. He says that female comics, including Jessi Klein, actually came up with some of the "meaner" lyrics for the One Direction-parody tune.

10. Amy Schumer probably isn't a lizard person.

There's no evidence to suggest that Amy Schumer is successful because she's secretly a lizard person. Sure, she's related to a high profile senator, and everyone in the government is a secret lizard person, but that doesn't mean Amy is one too. (She's probably just allied with them.)