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Who Is Amy Schumer's Sister? Meet Kim Caramele, Who's Featured On HBO Docuseries 'Expecting Amy'

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Who Is Amy Schumer's Sister? Meet Kim Caramele, Who's Featured On HBO Docuseries 'Expecting Amy'

It's been over a year since Amy Schumer and husband Chris Fischer welcomed their first child, Gene, into the world, and now, she's sharing the process of being pregnant and giving birth with her fans on her new HBO Max docuseries, Expecting Amy. 

Since the series focuses on Schumer and those close to her, her sister, Kim Caramele, was heavily featured, too — and as you can tell by watching the docu-series, they're very close.

Who is Amy Schumer's sister, Kim Caramele? 

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Schumer shared her journey to motherhood in Expecting Amy

In the new three-part series, which is now streaming on HBO Max, Schumer shares everything about her pregnancy with Gene, from the time she found out she was pregnant all the way up to her C-section (and a little while after Gene was born, too), including her battle with hyperemesis gravidarum. Not only are Schumer's husband, mother, and team all featured in the series, but Caramele also appears frequently, especially since she travels with Schumer while she works and is on tour.

Schumer's sister, Caramele, works with her frequently. 

Caramele works as a producer and has collaborated with Schumer on many of her projects, like Inside Amy Schumer, Trainwreck, and their upcoming Hulu series, Love, Beth. She's also contributed to Inside Amy Schumer as a writer and it seems she's been a huge part of Schumer's comedic success.  

She frequently appears on Schumer's Instagram.


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It's easy to see how close Caramele and Schumer really are just by following the actress on Instagram. In honor of National Siblings Day, Schumer shared this photo of Caramele with Gene, along with a short but sweet caption about her love for her sister.

"Happy national siblings day. I lucked out with mine and Gene thinks so too," she wrote. 

Parts of Trainwreck are based on their relationship.

Schumer's movie, Trainwreck, is largely based on her life growing up, her father's battle with multiple sclerosis, and her relationship with Caramele (who is played by Brie Larson in the movie). This includes the fights that they've had, like the scene where Schumer's character accuses her sister for settling because she decided to get married. 

“I think that [scene] comes from some part of myself for sure,” Schumer said in a 2016 interview. “We grew so close our whole lives. So there is a little bit of a feeling of abandonment when she found someone and was like, ‘I want to share my life with you.’ I was like, ‘I thought we were sharing our lives with each other.’ This is real subconscious sh*t, you know?"

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She's been with her husband for a long time.

Caramele and her husband, Vincent, have been married since she was 23, which is a different path than the one Schumer took but in the same interview, Caramele said she never planned on things working out that way. 

“I got married because I happened to meet my best friend and fall in love pretty young,” she said. “But I never thought I was going to get married. Amy and I grew up very similar in that having a husband isn’t anything we ever dreamed of or played at as kids. That just happened to be how it worked out for me.”

She loves her dogs.

Caramele's Instagram largely consists of photos of her dogs, Gilda and Abbott. Whether she's sharing photos of them together or posing with her or her husband, there's no denying how much they mean to her — she even mentions "I have dogs" in her Instagram bio. 

It's great to see that Schumer has someone so close to her she can rely on, and as far as sisters go, these two couldn't possibly be closer.

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