Here's The First Step To Breaking Your Addiction For GOOD

The brutal truth is that addiction is a very ugly thing. It consumes your mind and body until you're left feeling dependent. You keep telling yourself that you'll change, it's only a phase. Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as hoping for the best.

It takes a lot more than that.

You know better than anyone how hard (and incredibly painful) it gets. But you're not alone in this. We all have our addictions. Whether you're addicted to drinking or technologywhatever your vice isyou can overcome it.

Most people make promises to themselves at the beginning of the year, only to break them before the month is over. Don't let yourself become a statistic.

What's the first step to breaking your addictive behavior?

In today's age of technology and social media, it's plausible that we're all addicted to something. What people don't realize is how you can stop your obsessions from eventually wrecking your life.

To shed some light on this, we took this question to our experts. Authors John Gray and Charles J. Orlando, Relationship Help Doctor Rhoberta ShalerShannon Rios Paulsen LMFT, and Jennifer Maddox LCSW discuss ways that you can you can actively fight this feeling.

They stress that even if your situation seems bleak at the time, you can beat your addictive behavior. At 2:40, Jennifer Maddox raises an excellent point.

Addiction, she says, is essentially "The fever [of] reaching out for something. It's like going outside of yourself and not nurturing yourself. There's an imbalance in your system."

We're constantly told by the media that there are easy fixes and hacks; they always claim that you can get rid of your addiction in just a few short steps. But the truth is that it's an ongoing process, as our experts stress time and time again.

So if you're serious about ending your unhealthy practices for good, heed their advice. Don't let yourself be limited by all of your setbacks. 

No matter your addiction, there's always a chance to put yourself on the road to recovery.

The question is are you ready to take that first step?