Stop Letting Your Insecurities Ruin Your Love Life [VIDEO]

Remember that a confident woman knows she has value.

woman in the field

As much as we hate to admit it, we all struggle with feeling insecure. Maybe your stomach isn't as flat as you'd like it to be or you think that there is only one selfie angle that makes you look good.  


The truth is that the more you let your insecurities rule your thinking, the more they will impact your love life.

So while everyone has one (or a few) thing that they wish they could change about themselves, there is no such thing as the "perfect woman".  She simply doesn't exist. 

How does someone get around this?  

First, you have to be honest with yourself.  Do you have flaws?  Sure, we all do.  Do they make you undateable? Absolutely not. In this video, dating Expert Dina Colada offers spot-on advice on why you should never hide any parts of your body that you find "ugly".

In fact, following her mantra, you should embrace them!


Second, recognize that men love women who are confident.  In fact, according to Fox, the #1 quality men look for in a woman is confidence.  Not a flat tummy, big boobs, a perfect bum or some other body part.  The most important quality is how a woman sees herself.  

How freeing is that?

As Dina stresses in the video, you should "focus on the things you love about yourself. This will improve your self-image [and] your self worth. It will make you more confident and men will be more attracted to you."

All too often, women get overly focused on their flaws and forget that the most desirable quality is simply a woman who loves herself.  Flaws and all. We couldn't agree more.  When it comes to online dating, how you portray yourself is just as important as how you feel. 


And when you show your confident self to a new date, not only will he find you attractive, more importantly, he'll also appreciate that you're showing him your true self; not some version of yourself that's hoping he will like you.

Remember that a confident woman knows she has value.

She knows she's worth getting to know. She's worth spending time with, opening up to... hell she's worth dinner, drinks and a second date.  

The important point here is that the woman who loves herself shows the world that she's not afraid to be herself and that my friends IS what men find sexy.

So instead of stressing about the things you can't change, start focusing on what you CAN do. Every morning, look in the mirror and repeat after Dina, "[I'm] perfect just the way [I am]."


The more you say this, the more you'll start believing it. And just remember, if you ever lose sight of what's really important, come back and listen to Dina's words again. You'll be happy that you did.