Easily Distracted? You're Basically A Genius, Says Study

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Easily Distracted? You're Basically A Genius, Says Science

When you're working are you not able to have any music playing? Or hear people talking? If not, you might just chalk it up to some strong ADD, but it you could be wrong. A new study says these could be signs that you're really smart. So smart that you should probably start calling yourself a genius!

A study from Northwestern University found evidence that the inability to block out multiple sensory information in those who are creatively talented. Notorious geniuses like Charles Darwin, Anton Chekhov and novelist Marcel Proust all wore ear-stoppers due to being sensitive to noise.

The study included 100 participants and had them answer questions about their creative achievements in the visual arts, creative writing, scientific discovery, culinary arts, and more. They were also given questions to answer in a limited amount of time.

The results showed that people who gave the most creative answers and achievements also were very sensitive to background noise while working.

So the next time someone is distracting you with by being loud just tell him or her to shut up because a genius is at work! They might not like you afterwards, but it's true!

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