The Male Body Type 72% Of Women Find Most Attractive Vs. What Men Think We Want

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The Male Body Type Women Find Most Attractive Vs. What Men Think We Want

Since our very earliest days as girls first discovering our interest in boys, most of women have been searching for the "perfect" man.

At ages 10 and 11, we flipped through teeny bopper magazines or scrolled through apps like Instagram and Snapchat, first equating perfection to pre-pubescent members of boy bands. From there, and for the rest of our lives, many of us are focused on the idea of finding "the one" — that ideal man who is perfect in every single possible way.

What do women want in a man? More specifically, what is the ideal male body type according to us hetero females?

Whether you go for the tall and mysterious type or the short, chubby man who is funnier and smarter than he is good looking, we all have our own version of what constitutes the ideal male in regarding to body type, facial features and personality traits.

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Personally, if I was asked to choose from among the world's most attractive men, I’d take Zach Galafianakis over Ryan Gosling any day, because that’s what perfect looks like to me.

I used to think I was alone in having such preferences, but that may not be so after all.

A study conducted by British online men’s retailer Jacamo found that 72% of women think the “boy next door” is far more attractive than “muscle bound hulks.”

I can’t say I’m entirely surprised based on some of my friends’ boyfriends ... I kid!

My own thoughts and personal preferences aside, the study also found that what women consider to be utter perfection and what men think women find most attractive are two completely different animals.

In fact, 62% of men seem to think that women want a man with the following combination of features:

Hugh Jackman’s arms



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Justin Bieber’s hair



A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Gerard Butler’s face



A post shared by Gerard Butler (@gerardbutler) on

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs



A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on

Model David Gandy’s torso

What the what?!

First of all, I had to Google David Gandy (so hot!), and secondly, Justin Bieber’s hair? I’d take Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's complete lack of hair over that kid’s silly mop-top any day.

While I don’t think every woman I know would agree with me on that exactly, I do think no female over the age of 14 is going to be posting on their online dating profile, “I’m looking for a man who ideally has Justin Bieber’s hair."

Oy vey.

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While, pasted all together, those features do make for one delicious man, the reality is that we, the women of the world, are into something a little bit different.

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According to the study, women want a man with a bit more fluff, charisma, and — yes, really — ginger hair.

According to Jacamo's research, 72% of women want a man with the following combination of features instead:

Prince Harry’s hair

James Corden’s face



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Paddy McGuinness’ arms



A post shared by Paddy McGuinness (@mcguinness.paddy) on

Rugby player Ben Cohen’s torso



A post shared by Ben Cohen (@bencohenrugby) on

Jonathan Ross’ legs

(Yeah, that one has us stumped, too.)

Here's a side-by-side comparison of the ideal male according to women vs. what men think women want:

Photo: Jacamo

So as it turns out, women want Seth Rogan.

Imagine that.

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No matter whose face and body women put together to make Mr. Perfect, the outcome is still the same.

We want real men, as opposed to cardboard cutouts or Photoshopped abs with great lighting.

We want a man with a good personality and a soft, cozy middle section who can make us laugh.

Now, if Jacamo could do the same study and find out what men consider to be perfect, well ... Not to be judgmental, but I have a sneaking suspicion the ideal female body men throw together to create their image of the perfect woman would only prove which gender is the far less superficial.

I’m betting on us, ladies.

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