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Thinking About The Gym Just As Effective As Going (Says Study)

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Thinking About The Gym Just As Effective As Going (Says Science)

Frankly, I'm a couch potato. I like eating snacks and binge watching shows I can find on Netflix. The only time I begin to actually consider working out is if I can no longer fit into my clothes. (I know, shameful.) If only I could workout by just thinking about it, I would. Well, great news lazy people: That is now possible. 

A new study from Ohio University found that the mind is a hell of a muscle. Researchers had two groups of people sit for 11 minutes a day for four weeks, while given wrist monitors to keep track of the activity in the brain and muscles.

Then they told one group to "perform mental imagery of strong muscle contraction" like, for instance, envsioning yourself weightlifting. The other group was free to think about whatever they wanted to while sitting.

At the end of the experiment they found that the group who was thinking about working out were physically and mentally stronger than the group who did nothing. This sounds like this is too good to be true, but science doesn't lie, people.

Researchers hope that this finding will be helpful to people who can't easily move around and work out like the elderly. Having them focus on images might help them stay healthier and stronger.

Now excuse us, we're off to envision ourselves doing sit-ups. It totally counts if you're eating pizza at the same time, right?