Celebrity Trainer Tony Horton Explains How To Gain Strength & Build Muscle At Any Age

Aging doesn't have to be painful.

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Tony Horton, the creator of several popular fitness programs faced a disease that caused his muscles to weaken, which sent him on a quest to discover how to help him regain his strength.

While aging often has its perks — maturity, wisdom, and, let’s be real, senior discounts — there’s no denying that aging has some downsides, too.

Losing muscle mass or Sarcopenia and becoming weaker is a reality of aging. You may have seen this happen to your grandparents, parents, or even yourself.


It turns out that at 40, people typically start losing 8 percent of their muscle mass and at 70 years old, this accelerates to 40 percent!

This is why, as we age, it starts taking more energy to do things — and we often become fatigued much quicker than we used to.

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Maintaining strength and muscle is critical as we age. 

With aged-related muscle loss, people are three times more likely to fall, and in many cases, they can’t get up because they don’t have the strength.

Basic tasks like getting out of the car or standing up from the sofa can be extremely difficult. Opening a jar of pickles or carrying the groceries inside could feel impossible.


This is evidence of Sarcopenia, or the natural deterioration of muscles, at work.

But fortunately, thanks to Horton's discovery, there is something you can do about it!

In his latest video, he shares exactly what he found on that journey, how he regained his strength, and how this can help others (yes, even you!) gain strength and build muscle as you age.

(Hint: It doesn’t include crazy workouts.)


Who is Tony Horton?

You may recognize Tony Horton as the creator of several popular fitness programs that were heavily promoted on television over the past decade. He’s also a 62-year-old American personal trainer, author, and former actor.

Tony is revered for his world-class personal training abilities, garnering the attention of celebrities who sought him out for their fitness goals.

He has trained some of Hollywood’s top actors and musicians, like Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Sean Connery, Ashton Kutcher, and Ewan McGregor!

Despite being at the top in his field, Tony was hit with the harsh reality of a disease that would threaten his career and his body.


In his tell-all video, Tony shares his story of being diagnosed with a disease that wreaked havoc on his muscles.

This sent him on a journey to discover the secret of gaining strength and building muscle with age.

VIDEO: Celebrity trainer Tony Horton shares his secret to maintaining muscle after 40.

How did Tony discover the secret to fighting back against Sarcopenia and age-related muscle atrophy?

Tony built his career on fitness, so when he was faced with a disease that threatened to advance his natural muscle deterioration, he jumped into action.

While all aging individuals will experience some degree of Sarcopenia and muscle atrophy, Tony’s disease worked to speed up this process.


This rare disease, known as Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, caused Tony to rapidly lose the muscle mass he had worked a lifetime to build.

As someone who had built a life around health and fitness, this just wasn’t something Tony could accept.

He poured his time into research and studies on his disease and natural muscle aging, uncovering some extraordinary findings on how the body could combat Sarcopenia.

Since Sarcopenia is simply a part of the natural aging process, doctors typically suggest exercise as a solution. However, Tony’s research helped him realize that exercise was not enough.

He came across findings that hinted at a new way to help build muscle and changed everything that Tony thought he knew about gaining and maintaining strength with age.


In an extensive interview, Tony gives the interviewer a glimpse into the findings of these studies and how they provided him his "Ah-ha!" moment in the quest to build back his muscle mass.

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How do you gain strength and build muscle at any age without hardcore exercise?

At 62, Tony believes he is now in the best shape of his life due to finding "The Fitness Fountain of Youth."

Through his research, Tony discovered a breakthrough strength solution that proved that people don’t necessarily have to get weaker as they get older.

He completely regained his strength without any major changes to his diet or exercise routine. Now, he believes that this can work for anyone, no matter their age or physical fitness level.

Tony found some of the latest clinical studies out there that documented the revolutionary findings of a nutrient combination that he then used to get his body back.


One amazing video explains it all. 

In his video, Tony explains the breakthrough study of orthopedic hip surgery patients over 65 years old.

In this study, one group of patients were given this nutrient cocktail after their surgery, twice a day for a month. The control group, however, did not.

Neither group exercised during this time, but, compared to the control group, the first group recovered faster and actually had more muscle and strength than before their surgery.


This study isn’t the only one. In Tony’s interview, he breaks down the other studies and research and explains exactly what these nutrients are and why they are so powerful when combined in this way.

Powerlife Protein by Tony Horton.

Through a rare, life-altering disease, Tony Horton made a discovery that has the power to help us change how we age.

During his journey, he dug through the studies and research to find a combination of two nutrients that when combined in this way, can help people at any age and of any fitness level build strength and muscles — no hours of exercise necessary!

Tony’s mission is to share this with as many people as possible, which is why he created Powerlife, and is now sharing his new method to help build muscle that only takes a couple of minutes a day.


By shedding light on these studies, and making these ingredients more accessible, Tony hopes to help as many people as possible gain strength and build muscle, even as they age.

— Created in collaboration with Powerlife. 

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