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Drinking Wine Before Bed Helps You Lose Weight, Says Study

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If you love drinking and want to lose a few pounds, I've got good news for you! Just keep drinking!

A 2016 study has shown that drinking wine before you go to bed could help promote weight loss. 

It's like science got ahold of my dream journal and decided to make one of my dreams a reality. What next, Hugh Jackman will be revealed to be made entirely out of a Heath bar that only I get to eat? Probably not, but a girl can dream.

So here's how it works, wine contains a compound called reserveratrol. This wonderful stuff turns ordinary fat into beige fat, which is easier to burn off! Add to that the notion that sipping a big ol' glass of vino before bed will probably prevent you from snacking, and you've got a veritable weight loss wonder. 

Here's where I have to get real with you though, there are other ways of getting resveratrol into your body without cracking open a bottle of the good stuff.

Where else can you find it? In berries, but of course! So, pop a few strawberries, open that bottle and put your favorite show on.

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I know, I was crestfallen too. But there's no reason you can't drink wine AND eat berries! 

If you're serious about weight loss owning extra wine every night before you go to sleep is probably not an awesome idea (read: definitely not an awesome idea). First, it has quite a few calories. Second, drinking alcohol before going to sleep is known to disrupt healthy sleeping patterns

But it's always refreshing when we find out that wine has some sort of health benefit that we never knew about before. 

I'm definitely one of those people at the cocktail party who is spouting "healthy wine facts" in a bid to pass off my excessive consumption as really health positive behavior. 

It's also worth noting that one glass of wine is very, very different from a whole bottle followed by a cheese plate and maybe some crackers. When it comes to getting healthy you're never going to be able to magically "Beat the system" and get away with treating your body like garbage and enjoy long-term health benefits. 

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Sadly, things like moderation and exercise are still the only true magic bullet when it comes to weight loss. 

I think in the long term we would probably all be so much happier if we could just let a glass of wine BE a glass of wine: something simple that we imbibe and enjoy.

If we could just take the stigma away from the food and drinks we love and instead work in moderation our relationships with food (and probably the world) would be so so so so so much happier.

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