The Shocking REAL Reason Whitney Bischoff WON 'The Bachelor'

Fertility nurse Whitney Bischoff on ABC 'The Bachelor' Season 15 With Chris Soules

The Bachelor spoilers are everywhere. If you're trying to avoid them, read no further!

That said, while it was not guaranteed that Whitney Bischoff would get the final rose from Chris Soules (psst ... she did!), insiders like Reality Steve predicted that the bubbly blond would in fact win season 19. However, while most people agreed that Whitney would win The Bachelor, there are disagreements on why. Reality Steve claims it's because Bischoff played the game correctly and has been watching the show for about a decade.

However, there's a whole other aspect to Bischoff that most people have dismissed as annoying that may actually help her nab Chris once and for all. What does Bischoff have that the other girls don't?

That. Voice.

A study obtained by Science Of Relationships explains, "Increasing pitch by just 20 Hz above a starting pitch enhanced vocal attractiveness ratings regardless of whether the starting pitch was lower than, equivalent to, and higher than the average (i.e., typical) female voice pitch."

Considering she's a fertility nurse, perhaps Bischoff is aware that high-pitched voices are seens as signs of fertility and feminity, so she plays that up by constantly sounding like she just inhaled a balloon bundle. Seriously, just try to make it through this video without shoving a Philip's head screwdriver into your eardrum:



Basically, the squeakier your voice, the hotter you are. That may explain how and why Whitney may beat out Becca for the heart of America's favorite farmer-turned-reality star. If you're having trouble getting laid, try inhaling some helium next time you're out. Just be careful, because if your voice is too high, only dogs will be able to hear it, and the last thing any of us needs is some creep humping our leg at a bar.

Congratulations to Whitney and Chris! I am sure her voice will be perfect in Iowa!