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5 Shockingly Good Dating Tips From "The Bachelor"

5 Shockingly Good Dating Tips From "The Bachelor"

The BachelorOn the Wings of LoveThe Women Tell All is a very long title, and it was very long show. With two hours to kill, we saw how past contestants get drunk on Bachelor “reunion cruises,” how they give back to charity, and—as host Chris Harrison kept saying—how exactly the “biggest TV scandal of 2010” went down, i.e. how contestant Rozlyn Papa got busy with a nameless producer (we’re talking making out, probably with tongue) before both were kicked off the show.

So, yes, the women told all, Rozlyn denied everything, and who knows how many production assistants burnt their fingers lighting a hundred, thousand tea lights. Much to our surprise, however, the show yielded some heartfelt, real-world dating tips that could help all of us find love. (Or at least a very, very special connection!) Remember these dating tips the next time you spot that special bachelor or bachelorette.

1. He’s not a mind reader: Tell him how you really feel.
Gia admits that she couldn't open up and reveal her true feelings to Jake—and that had she had more confidence, it might have made a difference. She vowed that the next time she meets a guy, she’ll lay it all out on the line. Of course: don’t go too far, as host Chris Harrison jokes: unless you’re actually on The Bachelor, no talking marriage on the first date.

2. Relationships take work: Find a balance between your job and your love life.
Ali made an amazing point, one we wish someone would have told us when we first entered the working world: "If I worked as hard at my relationships and my love as I did at my job, I think I’d be a lot more successful in my relationships." Of course, knowing who you are and what you want is paramount to your happiness and success. But sometimes we throw ourselves into distractions—like a consuming job—and forget that relationships take work, too. Sometimes the first step to bringing love into your life is to make room for it.

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3. Breaking up hurts: Try not to hurt him.
Break-ups make all of us want to scream, cry, or embrace our inner Wicked Witch. But it’s always best to take the high road, as host Chris Harrison attempts to do here, telling Rozlyn that he wishes her the best (while trying to kill her with his laser eyes). Does he mean it? We’re not buying it, but the audience is clearly on his side. Then again, if you'd rather scream, yell, and throw a few stones—as she does here, when she accuses the very married Chris of flirting with a married woman—take a hint from Rozlyn and look good while you’re doing it! 

4. We all go a little crazy sometimes: How to save face and move on.
Michelle was an overly emotional, clingy, wreck of a contestant on The Bachelor. She was so unnerving that Jake asked her to leave, mid-date. But we really admired how, despite her shortcomings being broadcast on national TV, she pulled herself together and acted classy. It's a great lesson: everyone messes up sometimes. But a nice smile, the perfect little black dress, and some humility can go a long way toward erasing the crazy.

5. Who says women can’t be funny? (Besides Vanity Fair.)
Chris Harrison asked Jake if there was any woman he wished he would have gotten to know better—and he immediately said yes, Christine. Jake went on to praise her sense of humor—"You're just so funny!"—and say that he wished he would have seen that side of herself. It’s a good reminder to all of us fabulous, fierce, and funny women: don’t be afraid to be joke around. Unless, of course, you're dating Christopher Hitchens.

Readers, what did you think of The Bachelor: The Women Tell All? Do you believe that Rozlyn really didn’t hook up with the nameless producer? Which woman did you empathize with the most?