What Is JELQING? And How Does It Make A Man's Penis 2 Inches Bigger?

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what is jelqing

It's natural to ask what jelqing is if you've never heard the term before. Jelqing is a technique to help a guy potentially increase his size — maybe by as much as 2 inches.

It involves handling his penis in a way that encourages blood flow. When people ask what is jelqing, they usually remember the answer because some say that's where the term "jerking off" comes from.

Although the technique is not necessarily medically sound, it's something to try if your man wants a bigger penis.

If it works, the technique is supposed to lead to lasting results. If your man asks you what is jelqing, let him know that jelqing is actually an ancient technique that dates back to nomadic Arab tribes.

But have your man jelq with caution. There could be some consequences if it is not done correctly. Some men have even hung weights on their penis to try to enlarge the penis, which is not how to jelq and is an idea I definitely don't recommend!

Here's the definition of jelqing:

It's Very Similar to Masturbation ... 

It helps if you realize that jelqing means "milking." So what a man does when he jelqs is similar to milking a cow. He strokes outward to encourage blood flow in his penis. 

Some men claim to add up to 2 inches in both length and girth just by jelqing and sticking to a dedicated exercise regimen of about 10 minutes a day for two to five days per week. 

Just like when you masturbate, it will be more pleasant if your man uses lubrication first. He can jelq without using lube, but the process might cause some discomfort or chafing. He should prepare his penis by first warming it up by wrapping it with a warm washcloth or towel or by taking a warm shower.

... But Here's The Difference

Instead of the man using the iron-fisted grip of masturbation, he forms the OK sign with his thumb and forefinger. The palm of the hand can be facing upward or facing downward. It's usually a good idea for your man to vary what he does.

While he's stroking outward using his finger and thumb only, he should start at the base, slowly moving it up the penis. He also needs to apply pressure to push the blood up. There should be enough pressure to do this, but not too much pressure that it hurts. He then stops just before he reaches the head. It should take about three seconds to jelq one time. After one jelq is completed, he should switch hands, and do the same thing with his other hand.

Jelqing works best when a man starts from a semi-erect state. If he's not already erect at all, he should stroke his penis lightly, but he should not bring his penis to a full erection. It needs to be semi-erect because the idea is to push the blood through the penis. If he becomes fully erect while performing the jelqing exercise, he should stop. 

Try These Jelqing Variations and Positions

•    If you man's penis has a curve, he might want to jelq using a side technique that goes against the curve to straighten it out a bit. 
•    Instead of jelqing with the fingers in the OK position, your man can jelq with his index and middle finger in a V pattern.


If not done carefully, jelqing can cause damage to your man's penis. He should be careful not to jelq for too long or to do so too intensely, at least when he's first starting out. He can build up to longer sessions after time. 

Your man could also burst capillaries from jelqing too hard or too fast. These appear as red spots on the penis, which should go away in a couple of days. He should also make sure that he jelqs the entire length of the penis (the base to the head). Otherwise the head of the penis could become disproportionately large. 

Jelqing can also cause scarring on the penis, or it could desensitize it.

Plus, doctors agree that jelqing might not work. 

This instructional video shows the jelqing technique with a cucumber. 

Jelqing Not For You or Didn't work? Try These Options: 

Penis Pump

Your man might wish to consider using a penis pump if blood flow is the problem, instead of learning how to jelq. A penis pump is generally more effective at increasing blood flow than jelqing is. It works like a vacuum does. The penis is placed inside a cylinder, and the air is removed, which creates a place for blood to rush to. A penis pump is a temporary solution to getting blood flow to the penis.

C*ck Rings

Another method that I teach on my site, and one that many guys love, is to have him wear a c*ck ring. C*ck rings often make men harder, and they can help him last longer. Plus, if he's harder, he'll feel larger. C*ck rings constrict blood flow and keep the blood in the penis.

Kegels for Men

Men can do Kegel exercises, too. And doing so could give him better erections. Just as you stop peeing midstream to find your PC muscles, your guy does that as well. He should squeeze his PC muscles every day 20 times for one to two seconds. 

Lose Belly Fat for Bigger Penis

If your man has belly fat, once he loses it, his penis will appear larger, and he'll probably have more stamina after he loses the extra weight.

Stop Smoking

Smoking restricts blood flow by constricting blood vessels. When he stops smoking, he'll probably get more blood flow to his penis.

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