Screw Dinner And A Movie, THESE Are The Perfect Dates

couple at the museum

Contrary to the cheesy stereotype that, for women, the ideal date involves a long walk on the beach, it turns out women are looking for way more than that. Shocking, right?

While the beach is always a lovely place for a walk, probably even more so than the dirty streets of the city, women today want dates with a bit more spice or a complete and total relaxed feeling that’s more like hanging out than being on a date, because pressure, man, who needs it?

Since this time of year everyone is thinking about love and Valentine’s Day, and all the rest of it, for this week’s “What Women Really Think…” we asked the ladies their thoughts on the perfect date.

Here’s what they had to say.

Little effort, no expectations, and a dive bar…

"Whatever takes the least getting ready effort on my part. I also don't want to travel far. I enjoy being warm, and eating food," says Autumn, 26.

"Pinball in a dive bar. I don't even drink, but that's still fun," says Maggie, 31

"I kinda just want to hang out on the couch and watch Netflix. Then, when we’re hungry, we can order in and just watch more Netflix," says Leigh, 28.

"My ideal date is for it not to be a date," says Emilie, 29.

"My perfect date is one where he cooks me a steak, let's me watch whatever I want on TV, and rubs my feet. Or, just cooks me a steak and leaves me alone," says Nicole, 34.

Sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll. Seriously.

"Sex and drugs (and/or alcohol) and rock and roll. Like literally anything involving all those things. The best date I've ever been on lasted three days and involved a music festival, four different drugs, a lot of alcohol, and the making of the best at-home blowjob video I have ever starred in," says Cate, 24.

A reason to get dressed up would be ideal…

"Something where I have to doll up is perfect; dinner and a show or concert. But I'm a fan of dates at the firing range, bowling, beer and pizza, too” says Jen, 35.

"I want to be taken out someplace where I can wear my fanciest dress and not feel like I’m overdressed for the occasion. And I want him to pay," says Kristen, 27.

Conversation and art, please.

"A natural history or art museum outing… or a good theater performance. Dancing is always nice too," says Tanya, 30.

"I long for the day that I can have an intellectual conversation on a date that involves more than pizza and beer. I'm also 30, so I really think I deserve that. Finally," says Meg, 29.