I Tried The New Butt Facial And Wow, My Money-Maker Looks Fly

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I Tried The New Butt Facial And Wow, My Money-Maker Looks Fly

Contrary to what those deodorant ads might have you believing, the most neglected part of your body isn't your armpit — it's most definitely your butt! And now, thanks to a new beauty treatment known as the butt facial, you can give the skin on your booty some much needed TLC.

Think about all the injustices we put our behinds through: They sit on public toilet seats, collect sweat during our workouts, snugly hold on to tiny string of you favorite thong — and let's not forget that period of time when we made them practically live in velour jumpsuits and sport suggestive adjectives like "juicy" across them.

Molly Lamb, owner of Skin by Molly and the creator of the "Shiny Hiney" facial, couldn't agree more that our posteriors are in need of some extra attention.

So she created a three step facial, specially designed for your derriere, that she now offers to her clients at her salon in Brooklyn — for a mere $85 a pop.

Since the official butt facial is a little too pricey for my pockets, I tried the at-home butt facial version that Molly suggested in her interview with — using a salicylic acid body wash, a tea tree oil based scrub, and a clay mask.

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Step 1: Wash your tail-feather using a salicylic acid body wash.

Since my skin tends to be dry, I chose to do this step with a body wash that had a lower percentage of salicylic acid in it — about two percent.

To minimize the mess, I did this right in my shower, and gave my caboose a thorough wash.

I have to admit, this made my heine feel cleaner than a normal shower would ... and it may have just been my imagination (or maybe I haven't really taken note of the "shine factor" of my buns in a while) but the skin on my trunk did look a little bit brighter.

Step 2: Scrub your badonkadonk with a tea tree oil based scrub.

I actually had a bottle of pure tea tree oil that I scored from a work event a few months back, so I combined that with a nice smelling apricot scrub (a scrub that makes my humps smell like fruit? Yes please).

I gently scrubbed my salt-shaker with the mixture while in the shower, but it actually felt a little bit prickly on my skin after having just washed with the salicylic acid based wash.

After I dried off, I noticed that the skin on my rump felt slightly softer than it had after Step 1(and that the skin on my cheeks was still shinin' bright like a diamond).

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Step 3: Apply a clay mask to your booteus maximus.

This part was by far the messiest. I applied a thin layer of a clay mask evenly onto my culo — and then had to figure out a creative way to wait for it to dry ... which took almost 25 minutes, even though I had only applied a small amount.

If you live alone this part probably won't bother you that much, but while I was kind of curious to see what my roommate would have done if I walked out our bathroom completely bottomless while fanning my tush with a towel in a failed effort to speed up the drying process, I opted to stay in the shower until it was all through.

The Bottom Line

Alright, so I have to admit — my moneymaker looked pretty fantastic after all was said and done. The skin on my juicy double was visibly brighter and smoother to the touch than it had been pre-butt facial.

However, I do think that adding in a moisturizer as a "Step 4" would be a nice touch after putting your hind-side through all of that prep, especially if your skin tends to be drier.

Will I be giving myself butt-facials on the regular? Probably not.

But if I was planning to head to the beach wearing a bikini that shows some cheek, or about to do the deed with a guy who hadn't seen the goods yet, I'd definitely whip myself up another butt-facial to ensure the skin on my back door was at it's finest.

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