9 Online Dating Trends To Look Out For In 2015

looking out

Maybe it's seeing your cousin snuggling with her new (hot) boyfriend on the couch. Perhaps your grandma (loudly) reminded you she wants to see you walk down the aisle one day— and her time's a tickin'. Or maybe your little cousin asked, for the third time, at the Christmas table: "where's your boyfriend?" Either way, there's nothing like the holidays to remind you how single you really are. 'Tis the season!

Want next year's Christmas dinner to go a little differently? Good! It's actually the perfect time to change up your single status. This time of year is the most popular time for dating sites—meaning plenty of singles are in the same exact spot as you are.

Online dating site Zoosk reports a 26 percent increase in signups during the two weeks after Christmas. And, whether you're brand new to the online dating game or a total pro by now, it helps to know the buzzwords, types of pictures (hint: it's NOT the duck face selfie you took in the bathroom) and the interests that get the most dates.

Thankfully, Zoosk created this handy infographic. They studied over 430,000 profiles and almost 4 million messages (wow, can you imagine?). Here are 5 trends you need to know to heat up your love life next year.

1. Guys Should Smile In Their Pics
No more too-cool-for-school poses, fellas. Mean mugging is out in 2015. Smiling is sexy.

2. Saying You "Like" Things In Your Profile
Hold off on "loving" yoga, vacations and Breaking Bad. That was so 2014. This year is all about the "like".

3. Describing Yourself As "Real"
Mention you're genuine in your profile this year to snag a date in no time.

4. No More Mirror Pics
Hallelujah, amiright? Ladies, step away from your reflection and get your mom to take your full body shot.

5. Talk About Lumbersexuals In Messages
Whether you're flirting with one or describing yourself as one—this is a big buzzword to include in your message in 2015. The hot word in 2014? Basic.

See the rest of 2015 predictions and what was trendy in 2014 in the infographic below.