8 Foods To DEFINITELY Avoid Before Making A Move (Unless You Want A Disaster)

Halt! Drop the cocktail!

8 Foods You DEFINITELY Want To Avoid Before Making A Move weheartit

By Nichole Fratangelo

Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence — it was an unbeatable combo for an onscreen kiss in the Hunger Games movies. Hemsworth revealed, however, that the kiss was "uncomfortable" because of Lawrence's garlic breath. Cute? Not so much.

Following Lawrence's footsteps by eating garlic, tuna, or onions before a kiss are obvious no-nos. But what else should we avoid?

We're putting a stop to this bad breath nonsense. Here are eight foods to avoid before kissing.


1. Alcohol


You might be tempted to throw one back before a first kiss, but alcohol dries up your mouth, and a dry mouth is prone to bad breath. Opt for something more hydrating, like water with lemon.

2. Dairy products

Greek yogurt and other high-protein dairy products create a build up of proteins during digestion, which results in bad breath bacteria taking over. Yuck.


3. Gum and mints


We all rely on minty candies to save us from the horror of bad breath. But sometimes the sugar in these makes bacteria more active, making your bad breath worse! Instead, keep a travel toothbrush with you for desperate times.

4. Acidic foods and drinks

Citrus fruits, soda, juices, ketchup... the acid in these products makes bacteria reproduce much faster. (Skip the OJ.)


5. Coffee


Like alcohol, coffee dries out your mouth. Even worse, the coffee taste lingers in there and fuels the odor. On your coffee date, opt for a hot or iced tea.

6. Meat

An overload on protein breaks down into carbohydrates for fuel. One of the byproducts is ammonia, which can make for a smelly situation in your mouth.


7. Hot sauce, peppers, and all things spicy


These ingredients leave a film of spice on the tongue that releases when you exhale. Lay off the salsa if you know your lips are likely to be getting some lovin'.


8. Nothing at all

We don't want you to eat nothing, though! Skipping a meal before a kiss can be even worse. Ketoacidosis is the breakdown in body chemicals when you fast or skip a meal.

Translation? Smelly breath. Clean foods, fresh veggies, and endless amounts of water will keep you in the clear.