8 Ways Women Wish Men Would Say 'I Love You'

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8 Ways Women Wish Men Would Say 'I Love You'

You. Are. Welcome.

Fellas, it's time to listen up. We adore you and we want good things for your love life, so we're doing you a HUGE solid right now.

We know there are lots of times you probably get sick of the woman in your life asking to hear you say those three special words that mean more than almost anything else in the entire world:

"I love you."

And we're sure that plenty of those times you think to yourself: "Enough! I've already said it to her! Do I really have to say it over and over and over again?! And if I do, why and how often?! Where does it stop?"

Well, dudes, if your love is true, it doesn't stop. Ever.

Because when you love someone, well, why wouldn't they want to hear it? And not just once, but each and every time the mood and/or feeling strikes?

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But never fear. Using those three scary (but oh-so-beautiful) words is far from the only way you can (or even should) make your feelings for her known. 

In fact, we've gone ahead and made you this handy list of just eight of the utterly adorable ways you can say "I love you" to your significant other through your actions alone.

Each of these ideas represent the wide variety of ways we women wish you would communicate with us non-verbally. They don't require a whole lot of thought, energy or effort, and they are all practically guaranteed to let your honey in on just how deeply you feel for her.

So stop rolling your eyes and start taking some notes, gentlemen. 

Here are eight simple ways the woman in your life wishes you would tell her that you love her:

Give us kisses on the forehead.
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This move is highly underrated. When executed properly, it is sweet and intimate.

Send us thoughtful texts.
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While girls love a real conversation, we are also very appreciative of a sweet text (with proper spelling and grammar!) during the middle of a busy day, just to let us know we're on your mind.

Want bonus points? Text us goodnight, too!

Show us your vulnerable side.
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We don't need you to show your soft side to the whole world. In fact, sometimes it's better when we know we are the only ones who get to see that part of you. But don't be afraid to be emotionally intimate and vulnerable with your honey.

Cook for us.
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Oh me, oh my, do we ever love it when you cook for us — or even when we cook together. It's all gold!

View our quirks with admiration.
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Everyone is weird in their own way, and we really like to know that you love our particular quirks.

So don't be afraid, guys! Tell your lady that you adore the way she dances or sings to herself or thinks about the world.

Be true to your word.
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We love it when a guy lives by his word and actually does what he says he will, on big issues and small ones. It's a sign of respect and admiration when you come through for us.

Introduce us to your friends.
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When we're out and about and we run into someone you know or when you bring us along on an outing with your crew, there's nothing better than hearing you introduce us — as your girlfriend.

Bring us chocolate.
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No, I'm totally serious. We polled the girls in the office, and they all said that this standby is ALWAYS a solid bet.

And ... we will totally share with you, so everybody wins!