Your Office Soulmate: 12 Signs You Have A Work Husband

jim and pam the office
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When it's right, it's right.

You tend to get close with coworkers since you spend about five days of the week with them. But then there are times when you just click with one certain coworker—and that coworker becomes your work husband.

Not sure if you have a work husband? No worries. With the help of the world's perfect work spouses (and soulmates), Jim and Pam from The Office, here are 12 ways to figure it out.

It's a given that you go to your coworker to confide in with work or life problems.
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You have your own inside jokes that no one else would get.
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You feel weird whenever your coworker and your partner are in the same room.
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People have mistakenly assumed you and this coworker are a couple, and you had to set them straight.
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Your boyfriend or husband is jealous of your coworker.
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You chat with this person any chance you get to pass the time.
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You both are much more honest with each other than anyone else.
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In times of crisis you both will go much further to help the other than you would for anyone else.
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When something happens outside of work all you can think about is what your coworker is going say once you tell him about it.
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You get jealous if someone seems to be getting close to your coworker.
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You also make a fool of yourself in front of your coworker, but he still accepts you.
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You don't mind staying late if your coworker is going to stay as well.
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