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How To Become A Great Kisser (Because You're Not As Good At It As You Think)

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When it comes to puckering up, most of us like to think we are pros. But no matter how long you've been smooching your significant other, the reality is that the majority of people have room for improvement when it comes to kissing.

In fact, a survey led by YourTango found that only 52 percent of people think that their partner is a good kisser. WOW.

The rest of us, it turns out, could use a refresher course in locking lips.

Nor is this any small matter … most of the survey respondents also said that kissing is crucial to them in a relationship, so a bad kiss could spell the end of an otherwise great new relationship.

So, what are the secrets to being a great kisser? How do you step up your kissing game? Here are 4 essential steps...

1. Keep Your Breath In Check


I don't care if you look like Megan Fox, no one is going to want to have deep, romantic kisses with someone who has garlic breath.

Luckily, it is pretty easy to keep your breath smelling fresh on a date. Avoid known breath blunders like ordering garlic, onions, and anything otherwise malodorous, and also make sure to drink plenty of water. Water keeps things hydrated and removes bad breath bacteria from building up in your mouth.

You can also keep on-the-go toothbrushes and little packets of floss with you. These work better than gum and mints because instead of covering up the odor, they get rid of the stuff that's causing it.

2. Tune Into Your Date's Preferred Kissing Style


Does she want to be kissed soft and slow, fast and fierce, or deep and sensual? It's a good rule of thumb to just take it slow at first. Try to key into her body language. Take some time before you start French kissing.

Sloppy kisses are one of the number one things YourTango survey respondents complained about, so make sure to keep things dry… no one wants to be drooled on!

3. Use Your Hands


Touch her face, tousle her hair, hold her tight or simply hold hands. Take plenty of breathers and don't be afraid to just embrace and talk in between smooches. Make it a sensual, hands-on experience, whether it's foreplay or the main event.

4. Treat Kissing Like The Main Event


My final bit of advice? Hearken back to those days when kissing was the piece de resistance when a shared smooch was cause for butterflies and excitement and nonstop gossip with your friends by your lockers.

Kissing tends to fall by the wayside in long-term relationship as other things like intercourse get introduced, but in my experience, people still want and crave those intense, passionate, and body-shaking kisses.

Don't be so focused on what comes after the kiss that you rush through it. Remember, it's all about the journey, not the destination… so pucker up like you mean it!