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What's Your Couples' Costume Alter Ego This Halloween?

couples costumes for halloween

Believe it or not, Halloween is right around the corner! We know, it's crazy. Where did this weather come from? Don't let the holiday sneak up on you though! The best Halloweens' take planning and we know you're going to love this idea: This year, take your couples' costume to the next level: Dress up as your alter egos. We've included six ideas below to get you started, and for more ideas you can look at Pure Costumes awesome couples' selection. We know you'll have fun deciding what kind of couple the two of you are!

Whether devious or silly, no two couples are alike. So dress appropriately this year!

Bonnie and Clyde
Definitely for those couples who are devious at heart. Use this as a chance to bring out your wild side. For this costume, you'll need: a silk scarf, suit jacket, a fedora for Clyde and a beret for Bonnie. The rest of your outfits can be kept pretty simple and we'll let you determine the amount of gore (if any) the two of you want to use.

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Anna and Kristoff
If your alter egos are lovesick puppies at heart, how cute would this costume be? Bonus points if you sing to each other all night. For inspiration, check out these awesomely detailed Frozen costumes. To make your own, grab a pink cape and a dress in a dark color for the Anna costume and pair it with Kristoff's dark vest and lighter shirt. Put your hair in braids and ruffle his hair to give it that snow-blown look.

Image source: Disney Wiki

Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper
You both get to decide who the sidekick is in your relationship is (Let's be honest, it's him). For the crafty and ambitious, check out this step-by-step DIY guide that shows you how to make a Stromtrooper mask out of a milk jug. Pair that with an all-white ensemble For Vader, we love this women's Darth Vader costume. You can also take the same DIY guide and make a Darth Vader mask by spray painting it black.

Image source: Toy Haven

Michaelangelo and Raphael
For the goofy kids-at-heart. We know you two just want to be crime fighting ninjas all night. This one will be extra fun if you're all hyped up from the reboot movie that just came out. We know painting yourselves entirely green might be a tremendous (and messy) undertaking, so grab yourselves a couple of green bodysuits. Use aluminum turkey basting pans spray-painted green for your shells. Remember: Michaelengo wears an orange mask and Raphael wears red!

Image source: Big DIY Ideas

Beetlejuice and Lydia
This one is definitely for those whose alter egos are a little bit more crazy and Tim-Burtony, but we recommend you genderswap it. That means a female Beetlejuice and a male Lydia. I mean, check out this awesome women's Beetlejuice costume. You can also find a similarly outlandish and Robin-Thicke-esque striped suit at a used clothing store. For his Lydia costume, dress him in all black everything plus a veil. Spike his hair with some gel to make it look like Lydia's signature bangs. He can also dress in red to look like Lydia's wedding dress, complete with veil and bouquet.

Image source: Tumblr

Suzy Bishop and Sam Shukusky
Gaining more popularity as a couples' costume by the minute! Perfect for quirky, Wes Anderson types that are star-crossed-lovers at heart. Suzy's costume only requires a pink dress, binoculars and a scowl while Sam's might be a little more complicated. Replicate the Khaki Scout uniform with a pair of khaki shorts and a button up shirt of a similar color. Sam also wears a coon-skin hat, so scour your local used clothing shop for the perfect one.

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To get some more ideas about your Halloween alter egos, visit Pure Costumes.

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