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7 Hottest Halloween Costumes For Couples

7 Hottest Halloween Costumes For Couples [EXPERT]

By Jessica Ashley, Sr Editor for

For the love of all things spooky and made of Spandex, you and your date cannot go to a Halloween party in the old plug-and-socket costumes. Wilma and Fred are so last year and there's no call to wiggle into lingerie when it's 39-degrees outside. Thankfully, we've come to your rescue with some couples halloween costume ideas. Here's how to dress to impress when you have a date for Halloween this year.

1. Jay Gatsby & Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gasby. Always had a thing for the roaring twenties? Then you’re well on your way to embodying the most glamorous couple on the big screen this year. Pull together a short glimmering or lacy dress and some equally as sparkly accessories (a head piece is a must!) and you will be completely Megan.

Your very own Gatsby is just as easy to outfit — a snazzy suite or tux will do the trick for this one. Check out this detailed guide to choose which look you want to go for. Have some fun with it and hand out fake invitations to one of your lavish parties.

2. Portlandia's "Put a Bird on It" Couple. One part hipster, seven parts bird-emblazoned — that's all it takes to dress up as Bryce Shivers and Lisa Eversman, the characters created by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein on the indie hit show poking fun at life in Portland. Get started with a thrifted dress, clunky shoes and floppy hat for Lisa and a bow tie, suspenders and skinny jeans for Bryce. Then brush up on all the funny, mannerisms, tote bags and toast embellished with birds on this clip from the show.

3. The Hunger Games' Katniss & Peeta. Skip the sexy get-ups and cutesy costumes and go fierce this Halloween.

Dig through some boxes in the basement for your old combat boots and bow-and-arrow set or follow along with this great DIY guide to put together all the gear Katniss needs. Bring Peeta to life with cargo pants, boots, a tight black tee and plenty of dirt and fake blood caked on the face.

Or order all the Hunger Games accessories you need online, from Mockingjay pin to District 12 training shirts. A little mussed hair, sweat and looks of desperation will make you even better players, too. 

4. The Hunger Games'  Effie Trinket & Haymitch Abernathy. If you're not the kind of lady who is happy to slip on a pre-fab costume, transform yourself head-to-toe as the outrageous, blinding Effie Trinket to stand beside.

If you're willing to be outrageous, colorful and tortured in your clothes, as Effie's outfits were originally created by movie costumers to be to the Hunger Games character. Dressed in formal suiting with pocket square and pocket watch is Haymitch Abernathy.

Effie's attire will need planning. Start with a Marilyn Monroe platinum bobbed wig, and get technicolor from there with this amazing Effie-inspired make-up tutorial, or a Versailles-esque corseted dress and matching hat. Veer into Steampunk territory if you’re buying a costume for Haymitch, being mindful of the accessories as much as your counterpart. The duo who is best for these parts? The couple who already has shares an over-the-top love-hate relationship.

5. Batman & Catwoman. Slip into a Dark Knight Rises rendition of Batman and Catwoman with purchased Spandexy body suits and face masks and built-in abs ($38 and up). Or go old school with a tip of the grappling hook to the 1960's TV show — Adam West's Batman in blue bottoms and squeaky-clean schemes and Catwoman in full Eartha Kitt-meowwwwing fashion.

Two gents together can go old-school and Dark Knight Rises Batman, or classic Robin alongside the '60s superhero.

6. Tyrion Lannister & Shae from Game of ThronesThis ever cute couple is one of the nicest parts of the show, which often only brings tears and kills everyone you love. Though you can't shrink yourself to Tyrion's height, put on your most regal attire, draw a scar across your face and spout witty comments througout the night. You'll be unmistakable. Oh, and don't forget the wine.  For Shae, a simple long brown dress with a belt will do. Just add a brown wavy wig and an accent. You're all set.

7. Black Widow & Thor from The Avengers. Strong, sexy and just wicked enough, it may (or may not) be a stretch to get into these characters. While Captain America and the Hulk top the picks for kids’ costumes this year, you two can make your Avengers looks a bit more R-rated (or at least PG-13). Slide into a pleathery bodysuit and flaming red wig to do Black Widow Scarlett Johansson style, and flowing blonde tresses and giant (ummm) hammer to play Thor properly.

There are many Avengers couples costume variations for same-sex couples if you both want to play male characters. If more than one person wants to dress like a lady, you may have to jump comic brands (hello, Wonder Woman) or be willing to go "Lady America" for this holiday.

What classic or hot-right-now couple costumes will you consider this Halloween?

This article was originally published at Galtime. Reprinted with permission from the author.