Get Scared Together: 5 Haunted Date Night Spots For Couples

Halloween: 5 Haunted Date Night Ideas For Couples
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When date night gets spooky ...

A ghost army? Haunted playhouses? Eerie bars? It's the most wonderful (and creepy) time of year!

For those of you who share a love of being scared with your partners, we've got some perfect date ideas from all over the country to spook you two together!

Here's where to scream and hold each other close, whether you're in New York or Arizona.


Moon River Brewing Company, Savannah, Georgia
This restaurant, bar and brewing facility is famous for its warm atmosphere and delicious menu, but it is reportedly also an ultra-haunted spot where you may run into a Civil War ghost — perfect for beginning or ending your creepy Halloween evening together.


Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, Seattle, Washington

For the serious lovers of all things weird and eerie, you two can take a walk through this 110-year-old cemetery in Seattle. It's rumored to have the ghosts of Civil War soldiers marching to battle. And if there's anything more creepy than one ghost, it's a ghost army.


Bird Cage Theatre, Tombstone, Arizona
From a city named "Tombstone," would you expect anything but ultra creepy entertainment? This was the site of saloon during the 1880s popular with gamblers, drinkers and other fun folks that could wind up being entertaining ghosts. Nowadays, ghost hunters from popular shows like Ghost Adventures and Fact Or Fake: Paranormal Files have come to investigate the location. Non-TV guests can check out the history (both living and haunted) via ghost tours, so if you and your partner are intrigued by cool Western history, check it out!


Landmark Theater, Syracuse, New York
Having grown up in Syracuse, the Landmark Theater is near and dear to my heart. It's a beautiful building from 1928 that has an incredible history. That said, I would never, ever go there after dark on my own; I've heard too much about the young woman who supposedly haunts the theater, "Claire" or "Clarice," depending on who you ask. A theater that inspired Syracuse native Bruce Coville's The Ghost In The Third Row, a whole book about a haunted playhouse? Eh, I have a feeling it's best to just admire during the day. That said, if you happen to catch one of the many amazing events in the Landmark Theater, you two may wind up seeing a glimpse of the ghost, too! From a safe distance, of course.


Campbell Apartment, New York, New York
Want to have a sophisticated night out together in a swanky spot with a spooky history? The Campbell Apartment is your place. Located in the Grand Central Terminal, it’s a beautiful spot to have drinks for a date night — and to potentially spot paranormal activity, suspected to be John W. Campbell, the railroad tycoon who formerly occupied the space.