11 Things White Collar Men Find Sexy (HINT: It's Not A Red Room)

Here's a hot list of things I find ultra-sexy in a woman!

What Is Sexy

I’m a typical heterosexual guy, meaning at one point, I was a 12-year-old boy who daydreamed about every girl who walked by. I'm now in my 30s, and needless to say, my taste in women has evolved. I’m still attracted to most women—I am, afterall a heterosexual male—but, obviously, I find some women sexier than others. (And no, I'm not talking about being dressed up in leather, strapped down with chains, or covered in a thin layer of fancy lingerie.) Most of the time it’s the simple things about women that are the most sexy.


1. Tattoos

I don’t know when this little interest of mine developed, but at some point over the past five years I started to notice how much I like it when a woman has a tattoo (and no, I’m not talking about the tramp-stamp tattoo found on many a woman’s lower back.) I’m talking about tattoos that are risqué enough to run down the shoulders and onto the arms of a woman; maybe not a full sleeve tattoo, but a tattoo that peeks out from under a sleeve of a short sleeved shirt, or one that can't be hidden while wearing a tank-top. There’s something about a woman who is daring and bold enough to have a tattoo that can’t be hidden in most everyday clothes; it implies a simple "f*ck you" to society that I find incredibly sexy.


2. White, Button-Up Shirts

The white button up shirt is a classic for me. That simple shirt has done it for me for as long as I can remember; nothing but a white collared shirt with buttons that run up the middle with the woman’s hair resting gently against her shoulders. It’s as simple as that. Maybe throw in some black-framed glasses as an accessory and I’m good—no need to waste time at a lingerie store.

3. Your Selfie

I’m not a selfie guy. I think it's safe to say that not a single selfie exists of me in this world. BUT show me a selfie of a lady with doe eyes, a soft expression, and full lips and I’ll look at that photo over and over again until it’s time to go to sleep.


4. A Sense Of Humor

A woman with a sense of humor is a must. I’m a guy who has to laugh and has to know the people I hang around with don’t always take the world too seriously. A woman who can crack a good joke, find the humor in the most mundane of situations, or insert a well-placed 'that’s what she said' is incredibly attractive to me.

5. Jogging

I’m a bit of jogger. And by a bit of a jogger I mean I jog but I don’t jog very well. I’ve found that jogging is much easier if I can do it in a place where women like to jog as well. There’s something about a woman who jogs (maybe that’s because I didn’t see many girls exercise or engage in athletics when I was younger) that's both incredibly sexy and incredibly motivating.


6. A Form-Fitting Dress

I love a dress that shows off a woman's curves. It doesn’t have to be a dress that reveals a lot of cleavage or a lot of leg. Hell, I would find a dress that ran from the top of a woman’s neck down to her ankles to be sexy if it was a nice well-fitting dress. A classy dress on a woman is a hell of a thing to get to look at. Throw in some tattoos on the arms and WOW.

7. An Interest In The Symphony

I’m a big fan of classical music. When most people were growing up listening to alternative rock and hip-hop I mostly listened to Mozart, Haydn, and Chopin (a product of growing up without a radio). A woman who gets excited about the prospects of attending the symphony is incredibly sexy. Major Bonus if said woman takes into account the best acoustical seats in the theater as well.


8. Wears The Sport Shirt For My Team

I don’t really have a thing for women who like sports. Maybe that’s because I think everyone should like sports, but even if a woman doesn't love sports, I love it when a woman adorns a shirt of my favorite team solely for my benefit. If my lady comes into a room while wearing an orange Broncos jersey, she has my solid attention for the rest of the game (and my life.)

9. A Brazilian Wax

I don’t have a preference about how things are attended to down in that region. Hair? No hair? I don’t really care. But if I know a woman has scheduled a Brazilian solely for me? Incredibly sexy. It’s not the result of the Brazilian that I find sexy, it’s the effort and thought. I like knowing a woman has thought enough about what I might or might not like that she went to that extent to please me.


10. Smarts

I love smart women. I’ve known several women in my life who I considered to be very smart and I’ve found all of them to be sexy. In fact, I don’t know of a single woman who I thought was smart who I also didn’t think was sexy. Being smart in and of itself is a major turn-on for me.

11. A Little Pop Of Color


This probably mixes a little with my interest in a woman who is bold enough to have a tattoo that can’t always be hidden. A little color in the hair is sexy. Maybe some pink here or a few purple streaks there. A color that pops out from the rest of the hair that says, "Look at me, I’m a little dangerous" is something I find to be incredibly sexy.