How To Up Your Scent Game For Fall Without Breaking The Bank

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Admittedly, summer is not the perfect time to be working on your signature scent. Summer is the time for pools, barbecues and sweating your butt off at the amusement park. It's not a time usually associated with smelling your best (which is nothing to be ashamed of!), but now that time is ending.

So since we're approaching fall, we think it's time that we all start upping our scent game again. Remember before summer when you weren't sweating all the time and stuff that you put on your body actually stayed there? It may seem so, so long ago but now it's finally back. What better time could there be for a new fragrance routine?

If you're like us, you love smelling nice but you’re also just a little bit indecisive. Choosing one fragrance and spending upwards of $100 on a bottle of it that you then feel obligated to use makes you immediately shut down when it comes to fragrance shopping. There's actually a way to effectively change up your scent without breaking the bank or smelling like you just walked through a cloud of noxious perfume gas. You won't be blowing a big bucks on a bottle of perfume that you'll get sick of in two weeks, either.

It's called ScentBird and it's changing the game for the way you wear fragrance.

Every month, ScentBird sends you a different perfume to put into your free atomizer that comes with your first order. The perfumes are each 8mL, about enough for daily use for the entire month. The atomizer is chic and small enough to fit in your purse and every month when you get your new scent, you can easily switch out the cartridge. Pow, instant gratification! Not only are you trying new designer scents every month, but you get to wear them out and see how they react to your body chemistry. Sometimes you really don't know how something is going to smell on you until you try it, and that can be a deal breaker.

But once the month is up, you get to do it all over again! You choose from their selection of fragrances and queue them up in the order you want to receive them, making it the Netflix of perfume experiences. You know which ones you're getting next and you never get a scent you didn't specifically ask for.

So while you're packing away the bikinis and the Daisy Dukes, remember that fall is the perfect time to start changing up… and you shouldn't limit that to just your wardrobe or hairstyle!

ScentBird is a fragrance subscription service that offers a selection of 300+ top perfume brands. For $14.95 a month you get a daily-use supply of the designer fragrance of your choice and shipping is free. Use the offer code SEPTEMBER at checkout to get 50% off your order, good through September 30th, 2014!

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