It's Science: These Women Are Having More Orgasms Than You

woman in bed

Men orgasm more than women. It's just a simple fact of nature and it's really unfair, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. So dry your eyes, my darlings, and deal with it. But while that may be the case, we, the ladies of the world do have something in our corner that men do not: our orgasms are "more varied." Yes! It's true! It's science! Sometimes our orgasms are awesome, sometimes they're really, really awesome, and other times your mind is so blown, that between your shaking legs, racing heart, and the sweat on your brow, you’re not sure if you’ve been to the moon, the center of the earth, or raced about the universe on a comet all the way to Pleasure Town! Men’s orgasms, although they can differ in intensity, just can’t compete in variation.

A study into the sex lives of 6,500 U.S. men and women, between the ages of 21 and 65, of gay, straight, and bisexual sexual orientation, found that in addition to the varied orgasms that women experience, our climaxes are also far more unpredictable. Apparently, our orgasms like to keep things mysterious, yet spicy, just like us. 

The study also revealed that orgasm frequency is very much dependent on sexual orientation, although scientists can't really explain why. When having sex with a familiar partner, men orgasm 85 percent of the time, compared to straight women who orgasm only 63 percent of the time. However, once you toss in lesbians and bisexual women, the range in frequency gets even more interesting. Lesbians orgasm 75 percent of the time, while bisexual women are looking at a paltry 58 percent orgasm rate. I'm going to make an educated guess here that the 58 percent for bisexual women can be attributed to their sexual encounters with men. Sorry, dudes, but you just can't win them all.

Researchers think the reason why lesbians might be reaching climax more often is because lesbian sex lasts longer (straight men, please take note), and of course, women know women's body better than men, and are therefore more comfortable. Once again, these observations bring us back to the varied orgasms, and yes, because lesbians are the women who are having the most orgasms, they're also having the most varied orgasms. Basically, lesbians are having better sex than everybody.

But while all this information about orgasm frequency and the variations of them that women experience is really exciting for all us ladies out there, research can't really tell us why. In fact, this particular study concluded that these "finding demonstrate the need for further investigations into the comparative sexual experience and sexual health outcomes of sexual minorities." Um, OK then.

Takeaway? Men orgasm more than women, lesbians are the winners if orgasming were a contest, and guys really need to step-up their knowledge of the female anatomy. Yes, I think that's what we've gathered from this research that admits it still needs to do more research.