Quiz Time! Who Was Your Boyfriend In Your Past Life?

Let's get vintage.


Have you ever wondered whom you loved in a past life? Who was it that wooed you once upon a time? Who made your knees weak? Who would you have dated back in the era of sock garters and sepia tones?

We're here to help — because everyone should know who their past-life boyfriend would've been!

Maybe you dated a Clark Gable type. Or maybe, if you were lucky, you hooked up with a certain rebel without a cause. To finally end this speculation, we put together this (oh-so) scientific quiz to determine who your old-timey boyfriend would have been. Start clicking on options and see for yourself!



Go out into the world and look for that perfect vintage man. Let the past help you redefine how you see dating in the future.

Learn how a boyfriend should be treating you. Ask the questions that any good boyfriend should be able to answer. Pick up some dating tips from how women used to be treated... back when men were men and women's voting rights were new.

Find someone who will hold open a door and treat you like the lady you are. Someone you can adore and treat with mutual respect. Who doesn't love that? (Um, no one, that's who.) And really, everyone loves a good quiz in addition to being treated like a quality man or woman. That is what we all strive for — to be treated like the very best version of ourselves.


So, who did you get? And make sure to share with your friends, to see who they got!