This Just In: Tuesdays Are Prime Sexting Time

woman sexting

Most of us dread Tuesdays a little less than we do Mondays: It's not the start of the week but not close enough to the weekend to signify true excitement. Tuesdays mean Hump Day is within reach… and I'm not just talking about Wednesday.

According to a new poll carried out by Retina-X Studios that analyzed answers from 4,800 people, they found that most of us send our naughtiest texts on Tuesday mornings between 10 am and noon. Researchers also found that iPhone users were twice as likely to sexy texts on Tuesday mornings than Android users were.

And it isn't just guys who are sending an onslaught of sexy texts in the middle of the week. More and more women are baring their naughtiest fantasies via text

Here's to Tuesdays; may they stay as horny (and sexy) as ever.


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