8 Women Reveal Bizarre Male Hobbies That Are TOTAL Deal-Breakers

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boyfriend playing video games

How we spend our free time says a lot about us, especially when your hobby is as unique as some of these deal-breakers. Find out what these ladies had to say about what they just won't stand for when it comes to dating a man with peculiar hobbies.

1. Stuffing dead animals

"I only have one hobby related deal-breaker: taxidermy. I don't mind if he hunts, just don't put the kill in display at the house." —Sharon, 27

2. Playing video games too much

"I hate video games. If you play every once in a while, it's no big deal. But if you play every day or regularly, then forget it. I want to date a man, not a 15-year-old high school student. Video games should be reserved for kids, not men. If you have time to play video games, then you have time to find a more mature (and maybe productive) hobby." —Nicole, 25

3. Obsessing over Star Trek

"If the guy is at all into Star Trek, especially if he goes to conventions, that's the opposite of sexy and a huge deal-breaker for me. I don't think I could take him seriously ever again if I saw him in Spock ears." —Joanna, 30

4. Participating in bizarre competitions

"I lost interest in a guy who spent his Saturdays attending midget jelly wrestling competitions." —Vicky, 35

5. Gambling

"Anyone who thinks it's a fun past time to throw money around and hope for the best is too irresponsible for me to date." —Jessica, 32

6. Collecting guns

"I once dated a guy who had an extensive gun collection, which he referred to as his 'babies.' He named each one of them after a woman. It was all too serial killer for me." —Sandy, 20

7. Being infatuated with cars

"Listen, I get it. Guys like cars. That's totally fine. But if we literally cannot go anywhere without him commenting on a car in every parking lot, it's too much for me." —Dana, 29

8. Dedicating his life to sports

"I understand and fully accept that a guy's favorite sports team is important to him. However, when he starts doing asinine things like painting his entire body in team colors, standing in the freezing cold during football season to cheer them on, and then expecting me to take care of him after he catches a nasty cold, I'm not interested." —Susan, 34

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