7 Things Guys NEVER Want To See In Your Home (According To Guys)

girl shoes closet

That shoe collection might wow your girlfriends, but when it comes to dating, a Carrie Bradshaw worthy shoe closet won't earn you any bonus points. What else caused these 7 guys to head for the door? Read on to find out what they had to say about their apartment dealbreakers.

1. Weird Pets
"A girl I dated had two pet rats ... that she let crawl around her bed ... while she was in it." -Mike, 32

2. Anything From IKEA
"We're not in a college dorm, you're a grown woman, invest in some real furniture." -Ryan, 27

3. Too Many Shoes
"The biggest dealbreaker is when a woman has a hundred pairs of shoes! That money could have been much better spent — investing in Apple stock, for example." -Dan, 33

4. Novelty Toilet Seat Covers
"I'll put it to you this way — it was weird pissing in Spongebob's mouth. The whole bathroom was decorated like a kids bathroom ... in a regular studio apartment. It was surreal and totally out of place." -Jason, 25

5. Used Sanitary Napkins
"It was just placed on top of an overflowing trash can. Not wrapped in toilet paper or anything, just chilling there on top. I never called her back." -Rob, 24

6. Ash Trays
"After seeing how many joints and cigarette butts were in the ash trays that were all over her place, all I could smell on her was smoke."
-Terence, 26

7. Clothes From An Ex
"Too many clothes belonging to exes or other guys. Are you still hooked on him? Or did you just bang that many guys?" -Christopher, 26

What are your apartment dealbreakers? Tell us in the comments below.