Can We Please Leave Chelsea Clinton Alone?

Is Bill Clinton really Chelsea Clinton's father? And does it even matter?

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton

New reports suggest that Hillary Clinton may have a sex scandal of her own: The National Enquirer (via Radar Online) reports that Bill Clinton may not be Chelsea Clinton's biological father.

A former Clinton aide, Larry Nichols, says that Bill "came clean" and confessed that Chelsea's real father is former Little Rock, Arkansas mayor Webster Hubbell, and that Hillary and Hubbell had an affair in 1984 during Bill's second term as governor of the state. (And we all know about Bill's numerous affairs already.)


Here's the thing: Not only is the claim not really believable, considering Chelsea looks like a perfect mix of both her parents' genes, but it's also coming out at an awfully convenient time. Hillary is toying with the idea of running for president in 2016 while Bill and Chelsea work with his Clinton Global Initiative to better the world. Nichols comes off as pretty bitter about no longer working for the political powerhouses, and that's fine. Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton elected, in their own lives, to become public figures, and that comes with the territory.

However, going after Chelsea, who didn't choose her parents, is petty, tasteless and desperate. The girl has already been through a lot, with her father's infidelity playing out on a global stage when she was in her formative years, and she's pregnant now and does not need aggravation on top of her hormone swings.


Plus, if we really want to talk about Clinton scandals, why not dish on the ones that matter? Oh, that's right. Because Benghazi won't sell as many magazines.