Hillary Clinton: Marriage To Bill Is Totally Worth It

Hillary Clinton: Marriage To Bill Is Totally Worth It


From Reuters By Steve Holland

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says it has been worth it to stand by her man, Bill Clinton, despite the marital challenges they have faced.

Their marriage was rocked in 1998 when it was revealed that President Bill Clinton had had an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, which set off an extended drama that led to his impeachment and a failed attempt to remove him from office.

Hillary Clinton, a senator from New York, talked about her relationship with Bill in an interview with Essence magazine for its November issue. Some people have wondered over the years why she has stood by Clinton, who also had been accused of sexual improprieties by other women.

Tango’s Take
We wish we had a good clip of Darrell Hammond, “I swear to God, America.” We read a second-hand quote somewhere about why Bill is making such a hard push (with the old gang minus Al Gore) for Hillary. We can’t find it but it was to the tune of ‘I have to do this because I owe it to her for everything I did to her.’ We’re not sure if it’s 100% on the truthiness scale, but it sort of makes sense given the tone of this article. We suppose if you’re life’s ambition is political ambition then you can’t really fault Hil for how things have unfolded. We, honestly, can’t imagine what planet that those two would have gotten together on were it not for their politics and lawyerliness. Odd ducks, those Clintons. Note to selves: don’t get in a marriage for ambition or career mention this idea to Katie Holmes.

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