Harry + Hermione? 6 Erotic Stories With Your Fave Sci-Fi Characters

Forget Ron Weasley!

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Oh, erotic fan fiction. It's an outlet where hardcore fans can play out scenes they wished writers were allowed to write for their favorite pairings. The Internet is great for finding any kind of erotic fantasies you may have already had.

Forget Fifty Shades Of Grey. We gathered six sizzling pieces of literotica you've probably never heard of — created for some of the most dedicated fans in the world. You know, the ones that will go to conventions, movie screenings, and parties dressed up as their favorite characters. That's right, Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans!


Sit back, relax, and read some of the creative and steamy erotic stories written by fellow fans.

1. In Heat based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer''s Spike and Buffy 
Things heat up between the hot vampire and Buffy during the summer after season five, thanks to a pheromone heat wave. For fans who wanted Buffy to stick around for the later episodes then this is the story, which won Fic of the Year in 2002, this totally for you.

2. Drowning in Dreams based on Star Wars' Anakin and Padmé
Get a new look at Anakin and Padmé's relationship from the end of The Phantom Menace. Anakin examines his dreams that he has had over the course of his life. 


3. Isle Esme - The Missing Chapter based on Twilight's Bella and Edward
So yes, the movie covered Bella and Edward's honeymoon, but we only got kisses and a broken headboard out of it! Want to know what else could have gone down on that fateful trip? Read this chapter to find out.

4. Dirty Laundry based on Harry Potter's Hermione and Harry
A lot of Harry Potter fans felt quite shocked that the series' hero didn't "get the girl" in the end. So if any you're still sore and wondering what the great wizard and witch could have been then you might want to take a glance at this. With the help of the Horcrux locket, Hermione finally initiates what she has always wanted to do with Harry. Sorry, Ron!

5. The Cave based on The Hunger Games' Peeta and Katniss
Reimagine the scene where Katniss kisses Peeta for the cameras to actually doing a lot more for … the cameras? Love? Who knows how that girl feels? If the story truly went this way then their homecoming would have been a lot more awkward.

6. Stumbling From Grace Part 1 and 2 based on Star Trek's Chakotay and Kathryn
Of course we couldn't leave you out, trekkies! In this erotica, Chakotay and the voyager has been threatened by a visitor leaving Kathryn to realize her true feelings for him even after their relationship on New Earth.


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