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Crazy, Beautiful Kesha: See Her 14 Most Stunning Pics

Kesha on the beach wearing an "I'm A Survivor" shirt post-rehab

Rising Star judge Kesha, the artist formerly known as Ke$ha, is a rare breed: A wildchild and a homebody, a party animal with a soul, a rockstar who made it big through a hip-pop song. She's also a survivor, an animal lover (as well as an Animal lover) and a natural beauty ... with a thing for ugly guys.

Kesha, born Kesha Rose Sebert, is making headlines now for her work on the new series Rising Star, but recently she made headlines for a stint in rehab: The "Tik Tok" singer was battling an eating disorder that many close to her blamed on her producer, Dr. Luke. (Dr. Luke denied the allegations, but he reportedly told the 5'9" stunner that she looked "like a f---ing refrigerator." We're not sure what the hell he was talking about, but if that really were the case, we need to know where he buys his appliances.)

Since then, the "Die Young" rebel has rebelled against her label, releasing a video for a demo version of "Dirty Love" on her own and letting her glitter-covered freak flag fly whenever she can.

As far as a Kesha dating history? The songstress tends to fly under the radar in her personal life, but she's also remarkably candid about it. Her first love, Harold, was profiled not only on her MTV docuseries My Crazy Beautiful Life (where she pretty much outright stalked him), but also in her music, most notably and obviously in "The Harold Song" off of Animal. The Kesha nude photos and sex pics that a particular self-important, bottom feeding, bullying troll blogger leaked were rumored to be a cause for the split.

The next Kesha boyfriend of note was drummer Alex Carapetis in 2010, but from the songs on Warrior, that didn't end well. There were whispers that the "Crazy Kids" crooner shacked up with a married man before heading to rehab in 2013. Kesha was also rumored to have hooked up with Calvin Harris back in the day, and has admitted to a crush on One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles.

Kesha has also confessed to having sex with a ghost, but it appears the "Supernatural" days are behind her. She's now happily in love with new boyfriend Brad Ashenfelter, and sources say he's wonderful for her. And those sources include Kesha herself!

Ashenfelter is apparently just her type, too: Dirty! "I do [like dirty boys], not like physically covered in dirt, but I just like them to be beardy [with] long hair and look like a little homeless," she giggled to Ryan Seacrest. "I like guys who look like they don't groom themselves. I'm not into guys who are very high-maintenance. I don't want them to take longer to get ready than me." On Ashenfelter specifically, she gushed, "He's really, a really sweet human being. I'm very happy to have him in my life … That's way too much information for America to know. But I'm really happy with my beard!" (Note: She means "beard" literally here!)

Meanwhile, insiders told Us Weekly that Kesha and Ashenfelter have "actually been together a long time … It's very real. [He] did visit her during treatment — he's been alongside her through it all." Another insider added, "She's absolutely mellowed. She's done and done the party scene, those days of crazy whiskey tears are over. [Ashenfelter] keeps her healthy and happy." Amen, sister -- she deserves it!

Technically, this isn't Kesha naked But it is Kesha nude from the neck up, and she's just as gorgeous without makeup as she is when she gets all dolled up.

kesha no makeup

Who else but Kesha could get a tattoo like this and pull it off?

kesha tattoo

This is Kesha naked and brushing her teeth before the MTV Video Music Awards But where's the bottle of Jack?

kesha naked

Remember when that Selena Gomez nude photo went viral? Looks like she ripped off this Kesha nude curtain photo.

kesha behind curtain

Kesha has an unreleased track called "Red Lipstick," and you can see why It suits her beautifully!

kesha red lips

Kesha is one of the "Crazy Kids" indeed, and it fits her crazy, beautiful life nicely Who else could rock all these accessories and not look insane?

kesha crazy kids

Kesha has been an advocate for safe sex forever Earlier in her career, she released a line of condoms at her concerts with her face on them. Here, in late spring 2014, Kesha supports AIDS research at the 2014 Vienna Life Ball. Class act! (And how beautiful is she in this white lace gown?)

kesha red carpet

Kesha can evoke any look she wants and still look incredible, from polished pop diva to hippie fairy queen, as seen here (Also, isn't it weirdly awesome that rainbow hair almost looks naturalon her?)

kesha hippie

When Kesha was at war with producer Dr Luke over creative control of her sound and image, she took musical matters into her own hands and released a self-produced video for her song "Dirty Love." On her album Warrior, the track is a duet with Iggy Pop, but her video was for a solo version of the song to avoid copyright infringement drama. Savvy, sexy and rebellious!

kesha dirty love

Aside from flexing her creative (and "eff you") muscles for her "Dirty Love" video, Kesha also flexed her glutes What an amazing butt!

kesha dirty love

Kesha wasn't just showing off her butt in her "Dirty Love" video She also rocked some major glitter-encrusted cleavage. Ow ow!

kesha dirty love

Kesha showed off her gams on the set of the video for "Timber," her duet with Pitbull It's goin' down!

kesha timber

Kesha keeps a thin veil over her nearly-nude bod

kesha sexy

The sexiest thing about Kesha? Her positive attitude, her love for life (and her Animals) and her inner strength in the face of adversity All hail the Cannibal Queen!

kesha tonight show