Peaches Geldof Dead At 25: A Look Back At Her Love Life

Take a look back at the romantic history of Peaches Geldof.

Peaches Geldof, who was found dead at 25

Authorities found Peaches Geldof dead at just 25 years old today. The British socialite was troubled since her childhood, and that was reflected in her dramatic dating life.

Geldof was the daughter of music legend Bob Geldof and British TV personality Paula Yates. The couple divorced when Peaches was 11.

"The transition of my mother who was amazing, who wrote books on parenting, who gave us this idyllic childhood in Kent; and who then turned into this heartbroken shell of a woman who was just medicating to get through the day," she told Elle in 2012. "On top of that, there was my father who was very embittered and depressed about it and for us children, an environment that was impossible, veering between a week with my mother that was complete chaos, and then with my father, which was almost Dickensian -- homework, dinner, bed -- because he was trying in his own way to combat what was going on at my mother's."


Yates later dated INXS frontman Michael Hutchence, who was found dead hanging in a hotel room in 1997. Three years later, Yates died of a heroin overdose.

Considering her upbringing and family history, it wasn't surprising, nor was it likely coincidental, that Peaches Geldof dated notorious bad boys like Marilyn Manson and Russell Brand. In 2008, when she was just 19, Geldof married musician Max Drummey in Las Vegas ... even though British musician Faris Badwan thought he and Geldof were still dating themselves. (Uh, ouch.) Less than a year later, Geldof and Drummey divorced, though both Drummey and Geldof said the split was an amicable one. Later in 2009, nude photos of were exposed by a heroin-induced one night stand on Reddit.


In 2010, Geldof began dating Eli Roth, who makes a living off of "torture porn" films and whose movies aren't the most feminist flicks around. When they split less than a year later, it was rumored that Roth had been using the damaged Geldof for publicity.

Soon after her split from Roth, Geldof began dating Thomas Cohen, the lead singer of S.C.U.M., who she'd go on to marry and with whom she'd have two sons, Astala and Phaedra, and finally have some semblance of stability, normalcy and a healthy relationship.

"His birth was like a rebirth for me, and I honestly never thought anything in my life would ever be good," Geldof said of Astala. "I'm obsessed with getting it right. The second I held him it was like this missing piece of my life being put into place; everything started to heal." She added,
"The very worst thing that happened to me started with my parents' divorce, it really affected the rest of my life. Even if it's an archaic idea I want Astala to have a mummy and daddy together for ever. It's a commitment. I want to be a good wife, a good mother, a good person."

While that may have been true, Peaches Geldof's progress was as short-lived as she was, but she'll live on through her kids. Her husband, Thomas Cohen, wrote, "My beloved wife Peaches was adored by myself and her two sons Astala and Phaedra and I shall bring them up with their mother in their hearts everyday. We shall love her forever."