'Bachelor' Sex Scandal: How Many Girls Did Juan Pablo Sleep With?

Juan Pablo Galavis got down and dirty much more than his TV edits led on! Get the full scoop.

Juan Pablo Galavis shirtless

The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis is doing a really bad job at convincing the world he's not a player. Though he chose Nikki Ferrell at the Final Rose Ceremony, he wouldn't tell her he loved her, nor would he propose ... and it may be because he was thinking with his other head.

Bachelor castoff Cassandra Ferguson revealed to a Detroit radio station (via Radar Online) that Galavis was much more focused on finding a sex partner than a life partner, paying little to no attention to his conversations with any of the ladies vying for his affections.


Ferguson introduced Galavis to her son, Trey, and he messed that up, too. She fumed, "He mentioned to me, 'Well, your son, Tr- … Trevor?' As if it was even a question! I was like, 'You know what Juan Pablo, that was all we talked about was our kids!'"


She continued, "A lot of our conversations were about [his daughter] Camila and Trey, and I was like, 'You know, if you can't even remember my son's name, what were you doing on our date? What was going through your head?"

Based on the whopper he told finalist Clare Crawley, we'll give you one guess what was going through his head. And Ferguson is too, noting, "I am pretty sure that he banged three people [on the show]."



Ferguson also revealed that Galavis only wanted to be The Bachelor not to find love, but to be famous ... but that his infamy is taking over his actual fame, and he's not nabbing all the work he expected.

"He planned that he's Mr. El Bachelor and he’s gonna be on Dancing with the Stars," she griped. "I think that he planned to be in Los Angeles with [Nikki]," Ferguson said of his DWTS dreams. Except after Galavis' homophobic comments, Dancing producers refused to work with him. She added, "He was like, 'Oh shoot, well, Plan B.'"

Those Plan Bs? Commercials for KFC, Rochester Appliance and more. Sounds like he's a real catch. Like syphilis.


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