What You Must Know About Clare Crawley From 'The Bachelor'!

'The Bachelor's Clare Crawley

Get to know 'Bachelor's Clare Crawley, one of the last women left competing for a rose.

Clare Crawley is rumored to be facing off with Nikki Ferrell on the finale of The Bachelor. That's not a big surprise considering ABC's preview for tonight's episode pretty much shows Juan Pablo telling Andi she barely made it to the final three over Renee. Ouch, buddy! 

Before we see Clare vs. Nikki, get to know the California girl who's after Juan Pablo's final rose. 

Clare Crawley is a dog lover!
She always posts cute pics like this with her beloved pooch Elbie.

Clare Crawley is super athletic!
You need to be fit to do all those late night swims, right? Crawley tweets photos of her intense workouts on the regular, including standing on her head while paddle boarding! #Impressive.

She's not the best cook.
Crawley tweeted a photo of protein pancakes gone horribly wrong. It's okay, girl, we've all been there.

She isn't high maintenance.
Crawley is a hairstylist, so you'd think she spends a decent amount of time getting ready to go out, right? Wrong. The Sacramento girl has her routine down to an hour, max — even for fancy outings. Final rose ceremony included?

She's a sensitive soul.
Get your tissues ready! Crawley — the youngest of six daughters — lost her father to brain cancer. As viewers know, he made sure to a record a DVD for her future husband that she's yet to watch. D'awww!

She can talk to Juan Pablo in Spanish.
Bachelor fans may have forgotten, but Clare revealed in the beginning of the season that she's part Mexican and bilingual. Te amamos!

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