Was Juan Pablo Planning To Propose To Nikki Ferrell Last Night?

Winner Nikki Ferrell & Juan Pablo Galavis on 'The Bachelor'

Was Juan Pablo Galavis planning to pop the question to Nikki Ferrell on last night's finale?!

The Bachelor had a first last night when the finale didn't end in a proposal. But did Juan Pablo Galavis have something up his sleeve for the After The Final Rose special — like a ring? Sources say the Venezuelan veteran soccer stud (and huge jackass) may have been planning to get engaged to winner Nikki Ferrell.

However, don't get too excited: Not only didn't it happen, but Galavis didn't want to marry the model for love.

Sources told E! Online that Galavis "toyed with the idea" of a proposal with the production team, so much that they had a Neil Lane diamond ring on hand just in case, but Galavis had no actual intentions of proposing to Ferrell.

What's more, insiders don't think the relationship will last much longer at all.

"I would give it less than a month," one insider said. Another noted that during the ATFR "felt terrible for Nikki" and that the pretty pediatric nurse "seems really nice but complacent."

"Everyone was saying that it seems like Juan Pablo controls her and she just gives in," the witness added.

"No one left the taping thinking this relationship is going to last."

Their estimate for how much longer Ferrell and Galavis will be a couple? A month, tops.

Yikes. Sounds like Clare Crawley was the real winner here!


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