10 Romantic Staycation Ideas For Couples

couple holding hands under water

If you and your partner need that quality alone time together, but can't quite travel, then consider a staycation. Exploring your local city or town together in ways you never have before can be romantic. Make this weekend special by trying one of these 10 romantic staycation ideas.

One idea is take a historical tour of your city. Taking a tour could actually teach you a few things you never knew about the place besides that the certain sites attract so much tourists that it adds on a few more minutes to your commute.

Another option is a fitness staycation. When you are away and you'be booked a place in a beautiful hotel with a large pool and spa don't you get excited? Stir up this excitement all over again by visiting a large gym in your area and enjoy the gym, spa and some classes. The best part? You both go home to your own bed at the end of the day!

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