11 Reasons Loving A Red Panda Is The Best Choice You'll Ever Make

red panda

Who wouldn't love something nicknamed the 'red cat-bear'? This tiny, waddling critter will burrow its way into your heart and never let go. Cute, fluffy and looking like a mix of a cat, bear, raccoon, ring-tailed lemur, and fox, you'll soon realize that the red panda is the best possible addition to your life.


They keep fit

They love Halloween as much as you do (especially pumpkins)

They are easily surprised, so you can keep them on their toes

They are endlessly tenacious

They are always up for wintertime fun

They are super daring

They are always up for tickles

They will listen intently to everything you say

They play well with others (unlike the Great Pandas, who we've previously proved are jerks ).

They are always ready for a high-five

They will go through anything to be at your side